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An Interview w/ Michael Stebbins: Entrepreneurship and Learning Online Marketing

1. What traits are most important to an online marketer? Michael: Traits? You’re looking for voyeristic, cliff jumping geeks. And I’m assuming you mean personal traits that are essential to being a successful online marketer. First I like to see a fascination with human behavior […]

Building a Website You Can Sell in 2013

General thoughts on website appraisal; TLDR version Rule #1 – You can’t sell potential.  Take the word out of your vocabulary.  Cringe when you hear it from others. Selling a website: Selling a website is tough.  Most people can’t even understand how a website works, […]

Q2 2010 Master Certification in SEO is now Open

Enrollment is now open for you and your team to join our Q2 Master Certification courses in SEO, Social Media, PPC , Landing Page Conversion or Web Analytics at Master one internet marketing discipline in 90 days by training online with the bestselling authors, […]

20 Things You Can Teach a HIPPO to Make Your Website Better.

Note: This post is fairly self-serving, but I promise watching the videos will help you make your site better. You can skip all the reading and just watch the totally FREE FULL videos (part I, and part II), or skip to the next paragraph for […]

Market Motive Make Master Certification Faculty Panel Live on January 27th

Market Motive has come a long way in a short time in my mind. In shortly over a year, I’ve seen the curriculum expand substantially to become an excellent archive for even a seasoned internet marketing professional to learn a ton. I am very proud […]

2006 Predictions Review

It’s been a pretty cool year in the world of search marketing, and the year end roundups are always a great time to build those bookmarks full of a ton of great information that you’ll likely never have a chance to go back and read […]

The Marketing Guy That Speaks Techie

A good SEO is both a geek and a suit, and is able to speak the language of both worlds. Providing SEO services without understanding both business and techie principles is the equivalent of trying to teach english to spanish children without knowing both languages […]

Rant – Stock Photography of People Sucks

Stock people on a website decreases your credibility. No, I haven’t done extensive studies on this, but I can spot stock photos of people from a mile off, and sites with it are much less likely to get my dollar than a site with a […]

You’re Only as Smart, Sexy, Funny, and Trusted as the People You Link To

Your online credibility is only as good as who you link to. Your ‘hood..your peeps, and even your advertisers. If you link to ugly, dorky, sarcastic, mean, condescending, people like me, then you could potentially soil your credibility, lose website traffic, be banned from all […]

Website Value 101 – How to Appraise a Website

This post has been updated here –  Building a Website You Can Sell If you own a website, you should understand how to buy or sell one. Buying and selling is at the basis of any viable business. The web business sure has changed the […]