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Know Your Audience and Establish a Voice – Blogging 101

Some recent golden advice from Sir Mike Grehan on “knowing your audience”, sent me down an avenue of thinking about the topic. I’ve heard it come up quite often, but I think the value in this information is grossly understated. Mike says: And for anyone […]

Holy List of Aggregated SEO blogs Batman!

Do I really have to read these all daily to keep up? If you know any of the blogs on this list, you are probably aware of threadwatch. Claus drops this list seo blogging beauties. Fantastic list and great thread by some great minds of […]

Under Manual Review: Editorial Control and the Search Engines

I am constantly baffled by Google’s insistence that there is such a low level of human discretion and editorial control in their organic search result determination. Isn’t the decision to leave editorial control up to a silicon based form of intelligence even SOME level of […]

SEO Community Advice from Andy Hagans – 2nd Generation SEO

Andy dishes out some sagely advice on how to make it in the SEO community over at Search Engine Journal. Normally, I don’t do posts for single articles, but Andy does an excellent job of catering to the ego of the blogger in me. This […]

Finding a Good SEM Niche in ’06 – An Intro to SEO Economics

I did a session at SES Chicago on “Developing Your SEM Niche”. I think the only coverage was at WPN. It was the first time for the session, and I had some great panelists to help make me look good, but the content covered and […]

40 SEM 2006 Predictions – Search Engine Marketing Trends and Opportunities

This started with a little list of things I thought had changed between 2005 and 2006 and turned into a large list of brainstormed ideas of things to keep in mind for the upcoming year. The first 30 I tried to compare the evolution somewhat. […]

Belated Thanks for the Honor to Search Engine Journal

I owe a big thanks to Search Engine Journal – the source for fair and balanced SEO News, and all the wonderful folks who gave me favorable votes in the SEO blog contest. I’m honored and humbled to have been mentioned among such a fine […]

Blogger Theory on Posting Frequency – Often for Viral-ability vs. Well Thought Out Knowledgebases for Bookmark-ability

This must be a question every blogger asks themselves in their blog lifetime. If I just dropped seemingly sagely one liners and a link from time to time, would that be more valuable than long-winded articles? Would I get called out if I was wrong? […]

There Will Be No SEO Secrets Today

There were no secrets online today. There was only the decentralized arguements of expertise from a community of folks who has been entirely educated in our field online. All the secrets have been “vaulted” for use from a different perspective for another day, or I […]

SES Chicago 2005 Notes

Fresh off a nice nap and night’s sleep, I’m feelin’ much fresher than when I woke up on the top of the luggage carousel at Chicago O’Hare at 4 a.m. Barring that last note, SES Chicago was a good time as has come to be […]