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Top 10 Reasons it’s Great to Be a SEO

10. You can say you know Aaron Wall and Rand. Because most people will never “get it” and that’s a good thing. Everybody’s an expert because even the most experienced have only done it about 10 years. You get to read Matt’s “seo blog” You’ve […]

Top 10 Reasons it Sucks to be an SEO

1. It doesn’t exist outside it’s own sphere Forum drama and valid paranoia (sometimes they ARE watching) Incompetent creative teams, illiterate content writers, and bad coders Too much back biting blogger bullshit and snake oil peddaling. Unreasonable expectations When no one knows or understands the […]

SEOs and Lawyers – It’s a JOKE…Seriously…a JOKE.

From some recent discussions, I’ve learned that it’s good to have a sense of humor and be able to handle a little self deprecation, constructive criticism, and even the occassional excessive sensationalism. I hope most of your SEO experience doesn’t make you laugh at the […]

A Few New Favorite Blogs

Okay, You all know all the blogs and forums that everyone reads. You may know some of these, but you may have missed some as well, and damn it, I wouldn’t want that because I like ‘em. Since I don’t post one off stuff very […]

Website Value 101 – How to Appraise a Website

This post has been updated here –  Building a Website You Can Sell If you own a website, you should understand how to buy or sell one. Buying and selling is at the basis of any viable business. The web business sure has changed the […]

Karmic Linking Structures with Good ROI on

Greg Niland and I sat down and talked links, SEO, karma, and many things internet marketing. I also noticed that sometime today he demonstrates in Webmasterworld supporters forum why it’s good pay attention to what good smart people are saying with his recent – How […]

Top 10 Ad Agency SEO Lies

The best long-term SEO strategy is well researched website project management that maintains users and search engines as co-existing priorities by utilizing a combined understanding of search engines, consumers, and web technology. I am mind boggled by the garbage that passes as SEO and makes […]

Why Everyone Should Join SEMPO Even Though it Kinda Sucks

I really haven’t made up my mind about SEMPO yet, and certainly don’t have the big bucks to pony up personally for a membership (I’d get much more personal satisfaction from a new ipod or digital camera I’m sure). I don’t see many advantages for […]

11 Reasons Advertising Agencies Hate Search Engine Marketers

At some point, ad agencies will be forced to come to terms with the fact that they will have to accept and work with search engine marketers even if they have to bring them in house. I must admit to having a bit of a […]

Another V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Post for Graywolf at

I’ve managed to pretty much bite my tongue on this contest that I think is pretty much a ridiculous publicity stunt combined with a juvenile p*ssing match, but I wanted to do add yet another ridiculous few megabytes of trash out on the web in […]