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Search Engine Marketing – SEO/SEM Jobs – Are You Job Hunting?

If you are looking for a job in the search marketing industry – please send me your resume and/or your story (I’m guessing you should have SOMETHING online). I PROMISE I won’t tell your boss you’re looking for a sweeter deal. I am blown away […]

Top 14 Cool New Names for Someone Who Practices SEO

It’s a beautiful irony that SEO’s have a marketing problem with the “reputation of SEO” so I thought I’d give a few suggestions on other names SEO’s can now use on their business card or website as a selling point. Conversion analyzers Marketing consultants New […]

Top 11 Euphemisms for Cloaking

Euphemisms are used in many areas of politics. The definition of cloaking to an engineer, and to an SEO is marginally different in terms of semantics. Cloaking has been villafied by search engines when users and bots are served different content. Engineers believe bots are […]

11 More Signs You Need a Break From SEO

Matt’s 21 signs you need a break from SEO cracked me up – so I thought I’d add a few more of my own. Among my favorite from Matt: 11) You lay awake at night wondering who would win a foot race: a marketing pilgrim […]

Top 10 Endearing Monikers Bestowed on Danny Sullivan

Danny is the ___________ of search. Godfather Shaq Dali Lama Rock star Maven Pioneer Barbara Eden Founding father True voice Guru Found from perusing Barry’s List – This was found skimming through about half of them. Yea, I think the man has some clout, and […]

Search Engine Strategies – SES San Jose 2006

Next week I’ll be attending SES in San Jose. If you’re planning to be there too, be sure to flag me down and say hi, or drop me a note ahead of time and let me know you’d like to chat. I’ll be a panelist […]

Boston Pubcon Recovery Mode – Linking Presentation Posted

Usually by the time I return from a conference, I have all the mental capacity of a sea snail. I really don’t understand how folks blog and still manage to enjoy themselves. I generally shut down from the online world for about a week or […]

Being an SEO – Can We Start SEO 2.0?

We’ve already discussed SEO generations, how some folks entered the industry at different times and learned from others. Outside of the SEO sphere, however, SEO seems to elicit a much different response from folks based on their different (often negative) experiences with those claiming to […]

I am Not a Link Communist

It is against my better judgment to stir the pot on this issue, but it’s upsetting to me whenever the topic gets brought up. I don’t understand why engines are resorting to fear, uncertainty, and doubt to retain their relevancy, so I thought I’d bite […]

It’s Time to Get to Know Web 2.0

If you’ve been lollygagging around like me, not reading up on all the new up and comers, Rand and Kat of SEOMoz have just saved you a helluva lotta time through the creation of their web 2.0 awards. Not only did they roundup 300 websites […]