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SEMMYS Awards – Best Posts in Search Engine Marketing

Matt McGee has spent a lot of time and effort to build a pretty cool awards program for the best posts in search engine marketing – the SEMMY’s. I’m honored to be a part of it, and can only hope that one day we’ll have […]

How Sequoia Venture Capital Will Pop the Bubble of Web 2.0 – Mahalo or MFAhollow?

Starting the ridiculous round of investment in such a terrible idea. Continue doing this, and the end will definitely be near. This is so bad I will even give them a link (though I’ve decided it should contain the anchor text “squidoo crackbaby”). Seriously – […]

Neil Patel Bitch Slaps Calacanis on Behalf of SEO’s Everywhere

It actually pains me to put Jason C’s name in a title after all the attention he gleans with the attack hook. This time he actually managed to get himself free SEO consulting as well. I just don’t bother to argue with the haterz like […]

SEM Scholarship Part II Launches

Andy Beal started a really cool scholarship last year, and has brought it back this year. With an esteemed group of judges and then me – he’ll be giving away a bunch of great SEM prizes worth upwards of 10k to the lucky winner. There […]

Shameless Solicitation for MyBlogLog Community and MBL Security Issue

Yes – it’s shameless, but I’m not above it. Hell, most of you think I’d hack my own site for links (kidding, kidding) Please join mybloglog community. I can’t honestly say there is much in it for you except a sincere thank you:) The truth […]

SponsoredReviews to Launch Soon

Thought it worth mentioning that the gents of TextLinkBrokers are launching, the newest player in the pay for review space. This should be a great service to keep your eyes on, and supplement your SEO efforts. (*Note – this was not a paid review […]

Who Do You Trust? The SEO Trustbox

If I actually didn’t trust ALL of the people already starting this one, I probably wouldn’t have helped to spread this idea – but since you guys rock, and since trust of folks in the community is so damn important – I’m placing the livelihood […]

2006 Predictions Review

It’s been a pretty cool year in the world of search marketing, and the year end roundups are always a great time to build those bookmarks full of a ton of great information that you’ll likely never have a chance to go back and read […]

Favorite SEO/SEM Posts of 2006

This probably isn’t a great idea since I didn’t spend NEAR enough time researching it, and I KNOW I am only scratching the surface – so I am relying on your help for this one in helping build a compilation of favorite SEO/SEM posts of […]

Top 16 Reasons People Hate SEOs

I tend to take it a bit personal when people hate on SEO – I guess I do understand sometimes – I suppose it’s like being a lawyer or something, and I should probably just get used to it, but I enjoy search and optimization […]