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3 Random Goog Thoughts Today

1. I wonder why G doesn’t do hosting and domain registration yet. I wonder how many people registered domains much longer since the day Google released their latest IR patent. Can G be the ad sponsor host for ALL media?

A Google Sandbox Roundup

Technically, the Google Sandbox is keyword selection tool. Unfortunately, the name has also evolved into an incredibly ambigous term used to label a variety of SEO ailments. I’m not sure of exactly how the name developed, though it was thought by some that “Google Lag” […]

Why Does Google Lie to SEO’s?

Okay, I *DO* really understand *why* Google feels the need to bold face lie to SEO’s, but this post is more about wondering if it is really beneficial. As SEO’s, we all secretly understand that the big G regards us about as highly as the […]

Google Update Bourbon

I really miss the days when Google dances were a huge event. Now, it really seems to be an ongoing flux until some major changes happen. It was much more fun when the toolbar, backlinks, and serps changed all at once and some actual analysis […]

Personalized Search and Trustrank – Death to Link Based Algorithms

Another post on the death of SEO and how the game will change. Speak in heuristics and personalization, not algorithms and optimization. Think conversion and sales not traffic and rankings. Pagerank was flawed and the flaws are being remedied. The question is…how long has Trustrank […]

New Google Content Blocker Released

Don’t let that pesky content be a problem anymore! Now you can view only the ads on those content scraper sites! Check out the new Google content blocker. Glad to see block level analysis coming in handy for something.

Blocking the Google Web Accelerator

Thanks to Justin – the mad modrewriter of for the scoop. A lot of this is over my head personally, but I know Justin is a smart chap and wouldn’t lead ya astray. Specific Information for Allowing or Blocking the *Google Web Accelerator. What […]

Mr. Ploppy Ponders Relevancy and New Tools

There were two EXCELLENT resources released in the world of SEO this past week. Aaron Walls “Link Harvester” tool, and Barry’s Search relevancy challenge. I’ve decided to rant on both and why I think these are both big strides for the search community. Firstly, the […]

Hotspot Map for Link Quality?

Earlier this morning I read a great post on Google Adsense optimization tips that Google had released from the guru of contextual advertising. I’m a big fan of Adsense of course, but it really got me thinking a bit later today…wouldn’t this be a great […]

All Your Searches are Belong to Us

G releases search history – personalized search. Click SEO and Search on me. Some privacy advocates would likely go nuts with this offering. It is all opt in though. I encourage everyone to sign in, search for seo, scroll past the Japanese stuff, and click […]