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Reshaping the Conduit in Digital Delivery Channels – Ezra Ernst

Todd’s commentary: Ezra gave a great introduction to the conference as the keynote. Reshaping delivery channels seemed to be a very important focus of the conference, and he had an exceptional experience level in the field. Notes on the session: Ezra Ernst, CEO Swets North …Read More =>

Federated Search Comes of Age – But Where is the Value?

Todd’s notes: Federated search is essentially the information industry’s terminology for meta-search. Federated search is used for querying multiple premium content databases. The panel did a nice job in discussing where the value propositions are in aggregating multiple data sources. Paul Levy’s viral video “The …Read More =>

The Business Case for Federated Search by Lesley D’Almeida, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Todd’s commentary: Lesley made a good case for the need for federated search to add value within the premium content community. From what I gathered CSA has provided some unique solutions for publishers to aggregate their content. Lesley D’Almeida, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Product Manager CSA …Read More =>

Delivering Content to Mobile Devices by: Tony Philip, Upsnap

Todd’s commentary: Tony had some great insight on the mobile content delivery market. If I really wanted to be ahead of the curve, this is the way I’d be moving. I really wanted to ask some questions about the fees associated with microbilling for content …Read More =>

Taxonomy Standards by: Majorie M.K. Hlava

Todd’s commentary: This whole conference really opened my eyes to how important taxonomies are in other fields. There was a very humourous debate session during the conference that I didn’t manage to take notes on, but Majorie had an incredible amount of insight on taxonomy …Read More =>