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SES Chicago Shoutouts

Okay, I’ve procrastinated on the Chicago "shout out" post, but here goes. As always, I’m sure I forgot some stuff, but it’s always a blur of information overload (which is probably worse than the alchohol). I learned some interesting things, and as always hung out […]

14 Chicago Conference Conversation Creators

How’s the show goin’ for ya? Are you enjoying the conference? Have you been to any sessions? Hi, I’m an SEO 5.So what do you do? Hi, I’m a competitive webmaster Isn’t the weather in Chicago in December fantastic?!? How’s the weather in your DMA? […]

Las Vegas Pubcon 2006 Roundup

A week in Vegas with many of my favorite people on the planet always makes for a fantastic time. Great friends, great food, amazing new information, and the most creative thinking you’ll probably ever bear witness to. I’m now in recovery mode – trying to […]

SEO Conference Tips and Tricks

Since I’m shortly getting ready to head off to pubcon – I thought I’d put together a quick resource on tips and tricks for those newer to the show. The number one tip would be – don’t be shy – talk to people, and talk […]

One More ASIDIC Notes Disclaimer

Just in case you missed in the previous post – please contact me with any mistakes. The notes are pretty raw – with just a little bit of personal commentary, so please let me know if you spot errors or oversights.

Paul Gerbino – An Undiscovered Genius

Todd’s commentary: Paul caught a bit of flack for Frank’s title on the session, but he lived up to his rep. Thomasnet has made a great leap of faith from beyond the confines of a subscription model to shift to a new media ad model. […]

Bookmarks, Histories, and Tags – Nigel Hamilton,

Todd’s commentary: If you haven’t heard about Trexy – you will begin too shortly. Trexy has some very interesting technology “re-incorporating” user data into the search algorithms for improved relevancy. I got the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Nigel and his partner […]

Web 2.0: The Next Generation? by: Jean Bedord

Todd’s Commentary: Finally, someone more disturbed by Web 2.0 than me!! Okay, honestly I like web 2.0 as a marketing tool, but those in the know understand that the concepts are the same – just packed in design dripping with ajax, round corners, and excessive […]

Content in the Emerging World of Digital Natives by: Matt Hong

Todd’s commentary: This was among my favorite presentations at the conference, because it re-introduced an idea that is certainly worth revisiting. The ideas brought about by “digital natives” vs. “digital immigrants” is fundamental to understanding your user base on the web, and how they learn. […]

Reshaping the Conduit in Digital Delivery Channels – Ezra Ernst

Todd’s commentary: Ezra gave a great introduction to the conference as the keynote. Reshaping delivery channels seemed to be a very important focus of the conference, and he had an exceptional experience level in the field. Notes on the session: Ezra Ernst, CEO Swets North […]