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Those New to SEO – Learn Who to Listen To

There is a ridiculous amount of information regarding internet marketing. A majority of it is very basic, written by those who have gotten through the basics. Some of the information is just plain bogus or outright lies. Then there are those who are grateful for […]

SMA NA Close to Holding Elections Soon – Join Today!

I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the folks helping to get SMA NA rolling while at SES San Jose. I really think this organization is going to be positive step for the industry, by taking a more “bottom up” approach to […]

Comments are Not a Crime. What is a Trade Secret?

At the end of this post, you’ll find all relevant links. If you’re a blogger, or from the press, then feel free to copy any of the information within this post. Trade Secrets – Lots of options available on this one Define: Trade Secret Comments […]

10 Tips for Training a Link Developer

Link development has changed. Links pages suck. Your reciprocal link value is defiintely goin’ down hill. You can outsource all day long and gain very little value from it. Roll with the changes, and stay ahead of the curve. Get yourself a qualified link developer […]

Example of a Good Link Request E-mail

Despite being unsolicited, good e-mail link requests still *do* exist. Their not easy to do, because any webmaster with sites in the top 1000 for ANYTHING is tired of gettin’ arelis generated garbage requests that go out to everyone elese in the top 1000. Make […]

A Guide to Search Engine Filters, Penalties, Bannings, and Reinclusion

“You’re not a true SEO until you’ve been banned at least once!”” – not sure who gets original credit for this one…most likely Boser, Oilman or perhaps Jake. Anyone who has pushed the bleeding edge of search engine optimization has had a site go greybar, […]

Balancing the Link Equation

At the WMW conference in New Orleans, I had the privilege of speaking on the “linking on a dime” panel (presentation here), and learned that public speaking most certainly cannot kill you (or at least it didn’t this particular time). The opportunity gave me a […]

Join the SMA-NA – Get Some Links

The Search Marketing Association of North America is a relatively new project being headed up by Ian Mcanerin of SEW fame among others. Having got a chance to speak in depth with Ian on the way to the Google dance, I’m sure this association is […]

PageRank is Not Dead… It’s Just Stupid

It appears to me some folks in this industry are so emotionally attached to that little green gauge on the Google toolbar, the mere thought of dismissing it as having nothing more than novelty value (which I do) is deemed almost sacrilegious. Ladies and gentlemen, […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XX – Affiliate Manager Tools

Affiliate marketing is an awesome opportunity for those who are self-motivated. Brand your affiliate program as the best out there for your industry. In my mind, affiliate marketing is the retail distribution channel of the virtual world. I sometime wish I fell into the self-motivated […]