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The Difficulty of Hiring Good SEO/SEM Staff

Why it’s tough to hire SEO staff -Good SEO’s know with affiliate marketing makes it easy to make more -freelance web design and development makes one man project management a reality -it’s cheaper offshore (making profitability and scalability tough) -billable hours are no fun, and […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume #31 – SEO and Web Development Sales Tools

Sales can be a tough but essential part of anyone interested in freelancing or consulting. Good sales can make or break a business. There are not a lot of “online tools” for learning to sell web design and search engine marketing, but there are a lot of fantastic articles and discussions on the subject.

Unethical Ways to Destroy Your Competitor’s Search Rankings

I don’t like violence, Tom. I’m a businessman; blood is a big expense. -Sollozzo Disclaimer: I’ve never engaged in any of these practices, nor will I ever engage in these practices. I don’t think anyone else should either. They are unethical, and downright wrong. Even […]

Guide to Getting by the Gatekeepers

There was a very interesting section in the “Big Moo” by Seth’s group of 33 wonderful authors. It was about the fact that most authors or folks you respect are fairly approachable, or that if they’re not, you can often find a way to contact […]

SEO Makes You Smart Part II: Searching Better Makes You Smarter

Continued from: SEO Makes You Smarter Part I: Abundance Mentality and the “Progressive Effect” The web is the great information equalizer How to become smarter by learning to use the web effectively: learn how to search better learn how to be an open minded skeptic […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume XXIX – Project Management Tools

SEO/SEM has really become project management. While their are certainly still tips and tricks that work in the short term, the overall longterm strategy of a site and its search engine rankings is very dependant on good project management – doing the right things at […]

The Big Moo and Why Squidoo Will Work

I had a conference friend and colleuge instant message me last week, and among our brief conversation he asked about what I thought of Seth Godin’s new “Squidoo” project knowing I was a fan of his work. I’m guessing he had taken a look at […]

12 Step Program for Blog and Forum Addiction

It’s time to get back to work. Hello…my name is Todd, and I’m helplessly addicted to blogs and forums. I thought I would start a 12 step program for those who have become information junkies with blogs and forums, and any other trendy new variations […]

Hiring an SEO Company or Consultant

I really don’t envy people doing their due dilligence in choosing an SEO company or consultant. It is a TOUGH job. There is SO much information available on the web that it is difficult to sift through the BS. In a recent sales seminar I […]

Presentation at EcomXpo – Virtual Tradeshow

EcomXpo sounds like a pretty slick idea. It’s basically a virtual tradeshow focused around internet marketing. I think this will be the second show, and it has already experienced some pretty impressive growth from the looks of things. From an attendee perspective the show seems […]