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Free vs. Fee Models On the Web

After attending the ASIDIC conference last month, I had a whole new insight into the world of premium content providers. Elisabeth Osmeloski and I wrote a piece for Search Engine Watch dealing with Free versus fee models on the web. It’s really fascinating how revenue […]

Hire New SEO’s Before Someone Else Does – Andy Beal’s SEO Scholarship

Andy Beal has developed probably the most brilliant contest in the world of SEO in quite some time. If you are fairly new to SEO – it is a great opportunity to get some significant exposure and maybe even win $5,000. There are some very […]

18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website

Why are you always retrofitting and re-optimizing? Your CEO (or other decision maker) didn’t ask the right questions. You need to know how to build and promote a website from the ground up to be successful. Picture your perfect web presence. Visualize web 2.0 Zen. […]

2006 ASIDIC Conference Roundup Notes

The ASIDIC conference was a completely new experience for me. It gave me a chance to get outside my comfort zone in the world of search and try to soak up some of the cutting edge information in an entirely new field. The conference gave […]

How To Choose an SEO Consultant by Karl Ribas

**Editor Notes Karl Ribas is currently the Project Manager over at All Web Promotion, and on the side runs his own search engine marketing Blog and consultant website. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Karl back and forth online, and finally got to meet […]

11 Rising Barriers To Entry for Small Businesses on the Web

Highly intelligent PPC automation tools and arbitrageurs Age factors impacting trust score Ad agencies catching on to SEO User data validation for trust score Saavy affiliates with established sites that don’t like competition SE’s shifting of the content revenue model Diminishing conversion rates for link […]

Search Engine Marketing Site Audits and Strategic Internet Marketing Training and Consulting

I thought it was worth mentioning that I’ve recently “officially” decided to make a more long-term committment to doing independent consulting work. For now, I’ll be focusing mainly on doing site audits and developing strategies for people looking to do their own SEM work, or […]

The Marketing Guy That Speaks Techie

A good SEO is both a geek and a suit, and is able to speak the language of both worlds. Providing SEO services without understanding both business and techie principles is the equivalent of trying to teach english to spanish children without knowing both languages […]

How to Get the Links You Need – Doing the Math on Link Building

I had a recent e-mail conversation that I felt was worth publishing publicly (with permission of course), due to the frequency I receive this type of question. Link development is highly important, and quality link development is a valuable skill. That being said, it is […]

Custom 404’s – Don’t Make Your Users Feel Stupid

Don’t make your users feel stupid. Make them laugh. Check your 404 page today and make sure it’s not the same old default techie drivel that sites lose users to every day. Preserve your web traffic with a few easy changes. Just in case – […]