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A Few New Favorite Blogs

Okay, You all know all the blogs and forums that everyone reads. You may know some of these, but you may have missed some as well, and damn it, I wouldn’t want that because I like ‘em. Since I don’t post one off stuff very […]

Link Baiting (How Nick Wilson Created SEO Even Seth Godin Could Love)

I’m pretty sure Nick Wilson gets credit for the idea of bringing linkbaiting mainstream. While Nick is certainly now well known in blogger circles, he’s got a background in the SEO community. Linkbaiting is a viral marketing idea created by someone with the mind of […]

What Should You Blog? Do’s and Don’ts of a Good SEO Blog

A simple rule that sums up most of this post: “write what you know and what everyone else is thinking but hasn’t said yet, but don’t give away the gold”. A blog is a great asset, but can create liabilities if you don’t approach it […]

Do Your Users Trust You?: 21 Tips for Improved Website Credibility

I often find myself accidently lumping in everything internet marketing with SEO. To me, SEO is just what you call someone with an insatiable hunger to learn about marketing online. The day you truly become an SEO could be the first time you read something […]

Win $1000 LinkBaiting for BizNiche Media

Linkbait n. Something that attracts a multitude of inbound links to a website Linkbaiting v. The process of creating linkbait Linkbaiting is the new link development. Come up with a good idea for Andy and you’ll make some money. Come up with a good idea […]

Who Are All You People? Introduce Yourself Please.

The introduce yourself thread is on part II. I’m starting to feel like I’m standing on a gigantic stage with those monsterous million watt spotlights blinding me where I can’t see any of the crowd. I like meeting and knowing the people that read here. […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume XXXIII – Weblog Promotion Tools

There’s tremendous value in reaching out to your target audience and soliciting feedback directly. It’s shameless, perhaps, but it also shortens the cycle for communicating with your early adopter customers. So what are you waiting for? Start promoting your blog. Blog PromotionTools: Chicklet easy subscriptions […]

Know Your Audience and Establish a Voice – Blogging 101

Some recent golden advice from Sir Mike Grehan on “knowing your audience”, sent me down an avenue of thinking about the topic. I’ve heard it come up quite often, but I think the value in this information is grossly understated. Mike says: And for anyone […]

Shameless Solicitation for Del.ici.ous and MyYahoo Adds

The more and more I look at it, the more I know I should be embracing blogging even in it’s ridiculous forms. Lots of promotion in the blogosphere is either ridiculous to get attention or shameless. I’m going for the latter this time.:) If you […]

SEO Community Advice from Andy Hagans – 2nd Generation SEO

Andy dishes out some sagely advice on how to make it in the SEO community over at Search Engine Journal. Normally, I don’t do posts for single articles, but Andy does an excellent job of catering to the ego of the blogger in me. This […]