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How a Best Posts Page Will Increase Your Blog Subscribers

I started reading through some of the blogs I hadn’t heard of from Rand’s list of top 50 blogs (mostly from some of the comments), and realized just how important it is to showcase your top posts. For me personally, it is the difference between […]

If You are Marketing to Everyone…You Can Reach No One

Pick your niche. Know your demographic. How many times have you heard it? Ten. A hundred. A thousand? Yes. It is cliche. Yes, every SEO, SEM, marketing company, ad agency, and business consultant says it. Mainly because it’s right. No one LIKES the used car […]

Top 5 Reasons Blogs Suck for SEO

1. Three letters – ROI Every time I click on a blog result it takes me to the homepage, which stays in cache and becomes duplicate content. If a blogger serves content selectively it is “cloaking” Most people that talk like there are a lot […]

Top 5 Reasons Blogs Rock for SEO

1. Testing Automation Communication Aggregation 5. Organization

You’re Only as Smart, Sexy, Funny, and Trusted as the People You Link To

Your online credibility is only as good as who you link to. Your ‘hood..your peeps, and even your advertisers. If you link to ugly, dorky, sarcastic, mean, condescending, people like me, then you could potentially soil your credibility, lose website traffic, be banned from all […]

SEOs and Lawyers – It’s a JOKE…Seriously…a JOKE.

From some recent discussions, I’ve learned that it’s good to have a sense of humor and be able to handle a little self deprecation, constructive criticism, and even the occassional excessive sensationalism. I hope most of your SEO experience doesn’t make you laugh at the […]

Nick Wilson Talks About Performancing Metrics Performance

Download the new free beta Performancing Metrics here. I really like stats and most other webmasters and SEO’s do as well. Stable positive stats over time is one of the nicest things we can hope for. While Performancing Metrics is geared more strictly towards bloggers, […]

Review of Performancing Metrics

Okay, firstly what is really better than free information that helps you to make money? Yes, there are indeed a few things, but not many. The gentleman over at have put together a nice free blog metrics tracking system that is a kind gift […]

Motivation for Posting and How to Post

Incentivization and Motivation, in my mind are two amazing semi-scientific metrics to interpret and predict human behavior. Incentives are often thought of in monetary terms and motivation is more of a “sweat equity” labor kind of thing. For all things speculative like link development, community […]

Stuntdubl Search Marketing Consulting Best Posts Roundup

One of the main reasons I started this site was to have a point of reference for things, and my own sort of public bookmarks for discussion. I often go back through and read some of the posts, and several I reference more often than […]