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Ask Shoemoney Your Affiliate Questions – NetIncome Podcast

The podcast is now up for your listening pleasure – if you would like a summary first – Jeremy has it here. I got a chance to hang out with Jeremy a bit in Chicago and at pubcon in Vegas – and we’re gonna do …Read More =>

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List – Volume XXII – Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing is tough. Anyone who tells you different is most likely very very smart, or very very stupid. Smart affiliates use button pusher marketing to crank out large sites quite often. I think these sites certainly help with the size of the SE’s index, …Read More =>

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XX – Affiliate Manager Tools

Affiliate marketing is an awesome opportunity for those who are self-motivated. Brand your affiliate program as the best out there for your industry. In my mind, affiliate marketing is the retail distribution channel of the virtual world. I sometime wish I fell into the self-motivated …Read More =>

The Magic Formula for Retail Website Success

Okay, the title is a hoax. You caught me. I’m a liar who likes to tell stories. There is no “magic formula for website success”. There are only best practices. As a search engine marketer (SEO/ SEM..whatever you want to call it), we are really …Read More =>

SEO is a Catchphrase – Affiliate Marketing is Like Retail Sales

Affiliate marketers – What they do: Create “affiliate sites”, rank them high and get commissions off online sales. Affiliate marketing is strikingly similar to a modern version retail sales. Affiliate marketers are paid a percentage based on many criteria…as with retail sales…location is everything….with affiliate …Read More =>

Button Pusher SEO, Information Pollution, and “The Blend”

Button pusher SEO is usually what the “white hat” mouseketeers like to whine about loudest. The rationale, is that it is that it is really easy to do, and tends to be on the “spammy” side because of things because it is generally somewhat automated. …Read More =>

Speculation: MSN Planning to Release PPC Program Soon

The rumor that spilled and started yesterday was that MSN will be announcing their new pay per click service very soon. While this is not a big surprise in itself since they have been recruiting for the positions associated with the new service for quite …Read More =>

I Thought Google Hated Affiliates? – Google Enters the Affiliate Game

Big G is now paying the teeth that bite them. Google has opened up their own affiliate program. The Google referral program (beta) is for businesses whose customers and visitors include small to medium-sized businesses, and who want to help those companies become more successful …Read More =>

The Rumors Ring Louder – Google Adwords Affiliate Policy

Some pretty good sources on this one. Shak and eWhisper both have their ears real close to the walls of Google Adwords. Looks like the 12th will be the end of keyword arbitrage (well…okay…just a good portion of it). Now if only they’d get rid …Read More =>

The End of Keyword Arbitrage Draws Nearer – January 2005 Cutoff

Sounds like a more official rumor that only one affiliate will be allowed to bid per site. This is really a shame from an affiliate perspective, but after recent issues with affiliate from a manager perspective, it will make affiliate management a bit easier. Imagine …Read More =>