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Q2 2010 Master Certification in SEO is now Open

Enrollment is now open for you and your team to join our Q2 Master Certification courses in SEO, Social Media, PPC , Landing Page Conversion or Web Analytics at Master one internet marketing discipline in 90 days by training online with the bestselling authors, […]

Write a Non-Profit SEO Marketing Plan & Earn a Scholarship for MarketMotive SEO Master Certification

It’s pretty easy – write a SEO marketing plan for a non-profit of your choice, and you could win a scholarship to learn how to become an even better, more well rounded marketer. Worst case scenario, you will have written a SEO marketing plan for […]

20 Things You Can Teach a HIPPO to Make Your Website Better.

Note: This post is fairly self-serving, but I promise watching the videos will help you make your site better. You can skip all the reading and just watch the totally FREE FULL videos (part I, and part II), or skip to the next paragraph for […]

Cracking the Google Algorithm, and Understanding Search Patents with Ted “tedster” Ulle

Ted Ulle aka "Tedster" surpassed a mind-blowing 26,000 posts at Webmasterworld where he has been an adminstrator for years as one of the unsung heros of SEO as a gracious contributor to one of the web’s most comprehensive and informative SEO forums. Tedster was credited […]

A Shift to Online Business Management Consulting – Thoughts on Rebranding in 2010

I haven’t spent a lot of 2009 posting for my little marketing blog, and I miss taking the time to sit down and write about what I’m learning. 2009 has been a whirlwind of projects outside the scope of just SEO, and I’ve realized that […]

Competitive Back Link and Off Page Optimization Analysis

In seven plus years working as a seo consultant, I’ve learned that there’s only a few things that separate good consultants and agencies from great ones. One of the most important elements to greatness is being able to set realistic expectations and achieve them for […]

16 Things I’ve Learned About Business while Being an SEO Consultant

1. Pay extra for premium domains (if you develop them) If you can’t find and buy a good aftermarket domain and get creative – you need some marketing classes 2. Don’t skimp on hosting Such a painful expensive lesson to learn. 3. Respect contractors, but […]

I Love Tools – and Bryan Eisenberg has 69 Awesome Ones for You!

Market Motive faculty Bryan Eisenberg has a great list of 69 really killer tools for making your website better. Since I’m a big tool fan myself, we’re planning a future Market Motive panel to discuss our favorite tools for website. It should be truly awesome […]

Affiliate Summit East and San Jose Search Engine Strategies and

3 Things to post here at Stuntdubl Land. IM Charity Party – Please help by spreading the word. If you were there last year, you know, and can help spread the word. Should be a great time for a great cause. Affiliate Summit Panel of […]