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7 Awesome Reasons to Go to the Interactivity Digital Conference Next Week

1. Pubcon SFIMA is the day before!!!!

2. There’s a boat ride on the biscayne lady involved – thanks to Jon and crew.

3. Melissa will make fun of me for talking about fishing, and I will talk about links.

4. Rand Fishkin – the president of SEOMOZSEOInbound marketing… will be telling us all about secret marketing awesome sauce (it’s what he eats.)  If you’re really lucky, you may even meet Geraldine.

5. Marty, Peter, Simon, Alan, Annie, Andy, Larry, Mark, Greg, Loren, Mike, Victoria, and many more great folks will be there.

6. The Clevelander is a whole lotta cool.
7. Drinks at the James Royal Palm

Should be a really great week, and looking forward to having some of my favorite , SEO, digital marketer marketer type folks in Miami.





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