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20 Things You Can Teach a HIPPO to Make Your Website Better.

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 11 years and 65 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Note: This post is fairly self-serving, but I promise watching the videos will help you make your site better. You can skip all the reading and just watch the totally FREE FULL videos (part I, and part II), or skip to the next paragraph for the details of the awesome video that Avinash (aka the Web Analytics Wizard) and I recorded on how you can “Teach a HIPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) to make your website better”. In just under 3 years, Market Motive Internet Marketing Training has become a pretty amazing resource for training webmasters and internet marketers on a diverse and well rounded skill set. While there are many places that offer great SEO training (SEObook, SEOMoz, SEO Dojo, and many others, I don’t think there is any place that offers the well rounded education solutions that MM now provides. Scott Milrad has helped me develop a pretty awesome curriculum for SEO certification (I can hear the debates starting already), and the rest of the information is really top notch (I occasionally study web analytics, ppc, pr, and other videos myself). As a whole, MM creates a no nonsense HONEST learning experience that I REALLY wish I had a decade ago when I started on the web. You won’t get rich quick, but you will learn a skill set that will aid you for a lifetime. If you’re looking for corporate solutions to training issues, please feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll be happy to answer your MM questions, or see about putting together a walk through demo of the site.

So what’s all this hoopla about?

Avinash and I decided to do a video on how to make a website better. Fortunately Mr. Kaushik is wonderfully eloquent and makes me look really smart. He is a master of disseminating data, and is helping to dissolve the myths involved with SEO by quantifying potential and results. To me, this is extremely exciting since I have always been a “gut feel” marketer, developing strong instincts that can be occasionally proved wrong with testing and data. Both approaches certainly have merit, but I have to say I love coming up with a hypothesis and seeing Avinash prove or disprove it based on quantifiable data points.

The topics (of things you can do to make your website better) in the videos include:

  1. Improve the site design (without sacrificing content)
  2. Credibility matters (add credibility indicators)
  3. Research keywords that matter to your site
  4. People can’t read computer (make your urls human and bot friendly)
  5. Improve Time on Site (unless you’re a directory)
  6. Reduce Bounce Rate
  7. Improve the site Usability
  8. Don’t hide content from your users (don’t move stuff!) & don’t hide links from search engines!
  9. Get a better web host (site speed MATTERS)
  10. Organize your information better

(IA matters — don’t give too many choices means no choice)

  • Make it easy to contact you
  • Make it easy to find out about your company
  • Anchor text is important
    (internal and external — you are what your links say you are)
  • Attract citations (links) is critical (linking thinking)
  • Social media is not your normal user (but can create links)
  • Selectively deliver content (block duplicate content from search engines)
    (robots and humans are unique and your site index quality matters)
  • Organic Search traffic converts (and is 8x higher than PPC)
  • Encourage (or even incentivize) positive off site sentiment
    (degree and kind of engagement)
  • Exact match micro sites for head terms
  • Do we need subdomains or subdirectories?We discuss how to take ACTION on these subjects using an understanding of:
  • -Clickstream
  • -Multiple outcomes
  • - Experimentation and testing
  • - Voice of customers
  • -Competitive intelligence
  • - Insights
  • -Foundation
  • Your world is one of continuous actions (that is, surveys testing, behavior targeting, keyword optimization) and continuous improvements, where customers not HiPPOS, rule. Enjoy the videos, and definitely let me know if you have an questions, and please comment on anything we missed or you’d like to see in the future.

    Normally, MM videos are for members only, but we liked these videos so much we wanted the world to see them. Hope you enjoy! Part I: Teaching HiPPOS about Better Websites Part I and Part II: 10 More things You can Teach HiPPOS about Building Better Websites.


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