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Market Motive Make Master Certification Faculty Panel Live on January 27th

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 7 years and 105 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Market Motive has come a long way in a short time in my mind. In shortly over a year, I’ve seen the curriculum expand substantially to become an excellent archive for even a seasoned internet marketing professional to learn a ton. I am very proud to be a part of Market Motive, and of the upcoming event described below, as it is a highly credible source for correctly learn how to market online. You won’t ‘get rich quick’ here, but you will learn strategies to market online properly.

Market Motive continued to stay ahead of the curve on Wednesday with the announcement of their Master Certification Faculty Panel as a live web event–a unique offering, even by Market Motive standards. It’s all part of their highly-touted Internet Marketing Certification program finale slated for January 27, 2009.

The description of this final project–a live panel review gauntlet–reads like a wild fusion between American Idol, a PhD dissertation defense, and a lightning-round news roundtable show. Candidates will vie for faculty endorsements under the scrutiny of a live audience and a few surprise A-list online marketing critics.

Taking their concept a step further, Market Motive has opened up the event to the public for free–and not just for passive onlookers. Registrants may choose to absorb the dissertation on the latest standards or opt to have their website evaluated by the graduating consultants. For event information and free registration, visit
Says Scott Milrad, Director of Online Education and “Dean” of the Master Consultant Certification programs, “We really wanted this final project to be fun and original, yet at the same time, continue to uphold the integrity we’ve strived for throughout the entire program. Ultimately, this format just fell into place on every level.”
The endorsing faculty panel is truly a who’s who of Internet marketing and includes:

Bryan Eisenberg on Conversion Optimization

Greg Jarboe & Jamie O’Donnell on Online PR

George Michie, Mark Evans on Paid Search / PPC

Matt Bailey on Social Media

Avinash Kaushik & John Marshall on Web Analytics

Todd Malicoat on SEO

Michael Stebbins on Email Marketing

Plus several surprise guests
Candidates who pass the final challenge will receive certification status for one year from graduation and a listing on the Market Motive site.
Registration Open for Next Master Certification

Market Motive is accepting applications for the next round of Master Certification, slated for a February 2009 start, at

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