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San Francisco SEO Meetup Part II – Gordon Biersch – Friday August, 10th 6:00 pm

6:00 pm – Friday August the 10th at Gordon Biersch 2 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA. If you’re planning to attend – it would be real helpful if you can drop me an e-mail, hit me through the contact form, or post on facebook so […]

San Francisco SEO Meetup

So I’m hanging out in the San Francisco Bay area for a bit, and planning to put together a couple of SEO meetups with some friends in the area. If you’re available, drop me a line on e-mail, or just rsvp on facebook (my comments […]

Friday Favorites 7/13/07

Danny launches Sphinn – cool new social app for SEM/SEO’s – More links below Tamar has an awesome list of Digg api tools Shimon has some cool ideas on rep management Everett has some ideas ideas about using affiliate marketing for reputation management The SEO […]

Reputation Management Emancipation Proclamation – 10 Ways to “Own Yourself” Online

After having a nice recent conversation with Jeff Liebert lately, I read his fantastic post in the WMW supporter’s forum about Are Businesses and People Adapting to the WWW Publicity Machine? As a brief aside, he had a note about declaring his emancipation proclamation for […]

Domain Roundtable Domainer Conference in Seattle – Aug. 13 – 15th

I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Westerdal at SMX Seattle, and got to chat a bit about the great idea of SEO’s and domainers being internet superfriends by combining their super powers. So here’s your first chance. If you’re here often, you’ll know I […]

Friday Favorites 7/06/07

The DNSscoop domain value tool is pretty cool – found via Dotsauce. Danny on Domaining More links below Signup for the DomainRoundtable Domain Auction Domainers are starting to pay more attention to SEO (and vice versa) – We really should be superfriends. How to SEO […]

8 Simple Rules For Social Media Marketing in Business to Business Markets

B2B folks tend to struggle with social media marketing. After repeatedly being asked the question of how b2b folks can use social media marketing, I’ve come up with a handful of rules that apply. If you’re not willing to comply, chances are you should stick […]

Friday Favorites 6/22/07

Yes – I realize it’s monday, but hey – it’s summer and I like to relax a bit. I’ve missed the last few weeks, so I thought I’d get this up here now. Scott gives some great warning signs for your web project Presidential search […]

Confessions of an Advertising Man by: David Ogilvy of Ogilvy Advertising

Book: Confessions of an Advertising Man by: David Ogilvy Here’s the scoop: A good friend of mine, and fellow search marketer who spent many years on Madison Avenue has convinced me to educate myself further about "old school" advertising, and has provided me with a […]

SEO Class Rides Again – Now with More Webmasterworld Pubcon and a Bullpen

In case you missed the official announcement, SEO Class will now be partnering with WebmasterWorld, Inc. to create SEO Class hosted by Pubcon. The first of several dates to be announced is July 30th and 31st in Manhattan. We’re proud to have Brett Tabke and […]