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Post Your Web Jobs for FREE for the next 30 days – Job Board for SEO, SEM, PPC, Design, Development, and other Web Marketing Jobs

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 13 years and 292 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Meta Web Jobs is launching here on as a place to post all your web related job ads to find people who actually know what the hell they’re doing. We’re hoping to find you the best job hunters, since this is a great place for them to learn. Check out the brand spankin’ new Job board that includes all jobs web. To launch the job board, we will be offering free listings for the next 30 days. Those that help out, and give feedback and such, will be given preferential treatment:) Post your Jobs – anything web or marketing related will be accepted. If you have feedback – please send it to jobs /-\t The price for listings will start at $30 for 30 days once the soft launch concludes, and will likely be raised again later to keep the quality of the listings high. There are some smart folks that read this site, and I’ve got lots of response from some really intelligent folks that were hunting for SEO / SEM jobs in the past few months.

Jobs that will be accepted include, but are not limited to: Web development, web design, search engine optimization, paid search marketing (PPC), Affiliate marketing, online marketing, link development, web programming, and nearly anything else web or marketing related.

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  • John

    Ok, I’ll go ahead and sign up. Hopefully you have more readers in China. I’ve had a bitch of a time finding anybody qualified enough to call in for an interview. 99% of the applicants don’t even meet minimum requirements of being able to do java script, php, and speak a bit of English!

  • Kris Jones


    Your job board is an excellent service to fast growth agencies like Pepperjam. We posted two jobs initially for available spots within our SEM division and we’ve already received several resumes and numerous inquiries.


    Kris Jones
    President & CEO
    Pepperjam –

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  • iMarketingGuru (SEM Wiki)

    What about creating a huge section for SEO/SEM jobs to the normal consumer? Are SEO directories the best or are their other options? I’m looking towards compiling a comprehensive list for all SEOs out there looking for work.

  • Cindy Krum

    Cool! I posted a job. We need an SEO in Denver. E-mail me if you know someone!!!!!

  • Nick

    Sci & Tech, research, discussions, experiences and more about science and technology!

  • jifonaga

    where is people no one comment here this is really good articel to read , i really like it , kami adalah pakar seo dan salah satu pakar seo indonesia yang cukup ganteng di jajaran nya, jika anda menginginkan jasa seo maka jangan sungkan untuk datang kepada kami , kami menjual jasa seo profesional yang akan memberikan kepuasan kepada anda sebagai penikmat jasa seo murah namun tidak murahan, memang saat ini sangat banyak sekali layanan jasa seo, namun kami yakin kami adalah yang terbaik dari segi harga dan layanan, maka apakah anda masih ragu untuk berlangganan jasa seo dari kami? semoga saja tidak. dress wanita apakah kami adalah yanana jasa seo terbaik ? kami rasa iya begitu !