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Quick SES Roundown – Paid Links Presentation

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 9 years and 327 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Another SES San Jose is in the books, and what a doozy it was. I usually try to do a complete rundown of all the great folks I got to meet and friends I got to spend time with, but life has been a bit hectic, and the blog is the first to be sacrificed to the god of poor time management. As much as I enjoy writing – it just hasn’t been an option for a while now with too many other deadlines and obligations. With that being said – you all know who you are anyhow, and just wanted the link:) So – to be fair (and to make my life a whole lot easier), I created a facebook group (it’s the cool thing to do, and I like copying Andy cause he’s a smart guy), so you can remind me that we got a chance to hang out, and that I should probably throw a little link love your way. Join the stuntdubl facebook group today. I’ll update this post in a week or two with all the folks that responded. If you’re too lazy – then I’ll just say a big thank you to all those folks that I got a chance to hang out with. It was a blast as always, and search marketing folks are among my favorite people on the planet. You guys and gals rock!

The whole month of August was an interesting one – I got a chance to visit google a couple times, visit digg, and see all the great things the bay area has to offer. Truly an amazingly geeky place.

The paid links session was a hit – other than the fact that I really should have been the warm up for Michael’s amazing attack on the paid link fud, because it was a helluva tough act to follow. Thanks to Matt and Andy for being a good sports, and to Todd and Greg for showing up with some great points as well. Here’s my “7 Reasons I am a Link Libertarian” presentation (10 MB .ppt).

See everybody in Vegas!

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  • Eric Itzkowitz

    Nice presentation. Wish I could have been there to hear all of the good conversation between the slides.

    Have a good holiday weekend!


  • Blogs for Money

    Interesting stuff on paid links – thanks for the links.

  • Eric

    The paid link FUD is just an inexpensive way to avoid having to code complex algorithms to find said “paid links” – as if an algorithm can determine website owners intent when they post a link. Google needs to evolve, else they will be the AltaVista of 2020.

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  • kane

    From what I see paid links are just a fact of life needed for webmasters to compete in the www.

  • iMarketingGuru (SEM Wiki)

    I understand the fact that links are the core of the web, I just believe that paid links are also an important necessity for webmasters looking for success and fortune on the web. Paid links may only become a problem when the sites getting paid for the links aren’t authoritative enough – in that situation, garbage can spread far too quickly (esp when the theme-relations between the sites are very awful)

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  • Local Business Review

    I work for various Local Businesses in my Locl area and often when I mention paid link to Local Business a business owner to improve his ranking – he says ‘Are you saying you are bad at your job?’

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