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How Sequoia Venture Capital Will Pop the Bubble of Web 2.0 – Mahalo or MFAhollow?

Starting the ridiculous round of investment in such a terrible idea. Continue doing this, and the end will definitely be near. This is so bad I will even give them a link (though I’ve decided it should contain the anchor text “squidoo crackbaby”). Seriously – […]

Friday Favorites 5/25/07

Got a chance to have some beers with Neil and Cameron monday night – brilliant down to earth guys, and they’re rockstars for a reason, checkout some of the recent brilliance from Pronet – A petition for a transparent digg, as well as an article […]

Friday Favorites 5/18/07

Andy tells us why the world should love SEO’s, and about the lies domainers tell themselves – more links below Brian P. talks about internet marketing opportunity and scalability and the new internet superfriends Brian C. wonders if your metaphors rock Dave has a 3 […]

Search Engine Optimization Warfare – The Competitive Webmaster’s Guide to Understanding the Dynamics of Top Rankings

Search engine optimization is misunderstood and despised by those who have had consistently failed at using it, or have been repeatedly beaten by those who were successful with it. These failures often stem from not understanding the dynamics of the behind the scenes battles that […]

Re-Upping Your Google Adwords Certification – Tips, Tricks, and Tools

If you earned your Google Adwords certification close to when the program was launched, it’s about time to re-take your test, and prove you’re still qualified. If you’re like, me, and don’t do a whole lot of PPC, this could be tough. (I mainly do […]

Friday Favorites 5/11/07

An amazing roundup of web analytics solutions from Stone Temple consulting – can’t wait to see the final version. *more links below Neil has a new site about how to do shameless self promotion – Brian tells us how to be a master of […]

Cool New Widget from

Lawrence Coburn, of, sent me over an invite to try out their new widget for Rateitall. It’s probably the coolest looking widget I’ve seen to date, and there’s already some pretty slick functionality in it. Drop a review or two down on the bottom […]

10 Ways Competive Webmastering is Like the 2007 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons

Launching a successful site is like hitting a clutch game winning 3 pointer to beat the buzzer. Finish practice, finish plays, finish quarters, and finish games. Strong teamwork skills makes a team better. Learning to pass, delegate, and share responsibilities lets everyone demonstrate and improve […]

Friday Favorites 5/4/07

The Prequel to the SEO Playbook Natural vs. unnatural patterns with Digg, 10 tips for content creation, and What the Cluetrain means to your business – checkout more links below Warren Buffet SEO advice, and the Austin Powers guide to websites – what it really […]

New Ways to Buy Text Links and Reviews

The fine folks over at Text Link Ads, have out done themselves again offering new services from both ReviewMe, and the mothership. ReviewMe now offers a service that gives more control to the advertiser while still giving the blogger 100% control over what review offers […]