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Neil Patel Bitch Slaps Calacanis on Behalf of SEO’s Everywhere

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 89 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

It actually pains me to put Jason C’s name in a title after all the attention he gleans with the attack hook. This time he actually managed to get himself free SEO consulting as well. I just don’t bother to argue with the haterz like this anymore (at a certain point the skin thickens, and just knowing that your right provides more solace than public outbursts), but I have to commend Neil on taking the time to prove this guy wrong after all the flack and disrespect JC has shown the SEO community. He’s certainly not the first, but he has definitely been the extreme. It is admirable that Neil took the time to explain to someone who will never “get SEO” anyhow – if only to shut him up for a few minutes. Check out how Neil won the bet with only 10% of recommended changes made (Here’s the info on the challenge). It’s painful to think that Neil is helping to give the guy MORE of a soapbox to yell stupidity from, but at least everytime the subject of SEO pops up, the facts will speak for themselves (assuming he’s actually smart enough to implement the rest of the changes Neil provided). We’ll be looking forward to that official “SEO is awesome” statement, and timing how long it takes you to contradict yourself Jason.

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  • shor

    I could get all digglike and be all ‘Neil FTW!!’ but I think Jason really won – he gets an optimized website pretty much for free.

    It will be interesting when he comes out with the ‘SEO is awesome post’. Will he simply cite Neil as an exception to his rule (90% of SEO are snake oil salesman).

    I love it when he said, “The whole point of social media is TO BE REAL NOT FAKE!!! Just be yourself and participate… that’s all it takes”.

    Knowing how to express yourself is a key factor in successful communication, be it in life or online. Whether you’re in a business or an individual, you want to reach as many of your target audience as possible.

    Most individuals and companies aren’t good at this within a social networking context and that’s simply where most social media marketing firms fit in. They are writing killer headlines & content, maximizing social distribution & optimizing websites for conversion.

  • Barry

    Just like you said, he got free SEO. All I know is I’m going to bitch about SEO and try to get some free SEO. Anybody hear about that social media scam? ;)

  • Solomon Rothman

    I think it’s time to start ignoring Jason Calacanis. It’s obvious he hates SEO’s there have been a bunch of great posts undermining his points, but now I think he’s playing up the attention a bit too much. If he gets mroe traffic, more pr, more exposure, then he wins. I slap a rel=”nofollow” tag on any links Ito his site and I’m currently not going to comment on his posts anymore. They simply aren’t wroth addressing.

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  • DanielthePoet: Reputation Manager & SEO Stepchild

    It’s pretty obvious that Calcanis is an egomaniac. If you use Twitter and made the mistake of adding him to your list, you know that all he talks about is one promotional topic or how he’s looking into new ways to market on Twitter.

    But you know, the opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. The most painful thing a person can experience is to be forgotten. We should all make sure that we don’t hate the guy for all his quirks… it would only prove that he has the power to affect us.

    Let him do his thing and we’ll do our thing. If he or anyone else (me included) writes an attack against the industry, consider the source before responding. If the assault is going to gain exposure, write a response to the topic and leave it at that. Deal with the issues. The more you focus on the person, the more you contribute to their celebrity.

  • David Temple

    Ouch! Bitch slapped by a Princess. Now that’s gotta hurt. Wait, come to think of it, I want a Princess bitch slap.

  • Matt Stoddart

    Calacanis is a lispy bag of wind….Neil is my new hero.

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