Blog archives for Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Friday Favorites 2/23/07

The Search Engine Marketer’s of Portland have a cool event coming up March 7th – Rebecca has a bit more commentary on it. If you’re in the area, I’m sure it’s worth checking out. SoloSEO has launched a new competitive report – very cool stuff. […]

7 Opportunities for “New School” SEO

The “SEO being bad” debate is almost as tired as the blackhat/whitehat debate now. I’m not real excited about defending the virtues of SEO – I know how fantastic it can be, and to explain it properly, it would require a proper understanding of the […]

Friday Favorites 2/16/07

I missed last week (My laptop started with the “laptop death rattle” – so it was a scramble to do data backups, find and migrate to a new machine). One of the worst parts of being a solo shop is being your own IT guy. […]

10 Reasons Diggers are like SEO’s (really – don’t digg my blog)

Neil, Cameron, and I discussed this a bit today on their new show “Rush Hour”, which will hopefully bridge a gap in the two likeminded online communities. 10 Things Diggers have in Common with SEO’s The run websites Many have blogs Willing to forego anonymity […]

The Master Link Baiter Strikes Again

If you can’t figure things out with Andy’s guide to linkbaiting, then you’re probably not gonna catch on. Notice it is not a guide – it is an ULTIMATE guide. The only thing I would argue in the article is that his link baiting service […]

Rush Hour – Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis on WebmasterRadio

My good buddies Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis must be working overtime these days. They’ve just recently become “evangelists” for Text Link Ads, and are also doing a new show called “Rush Hour” on – tune in for the first show which will be […]

Friday Favorites 2/02/07

Neil and Cameron join Text Link Ads as evangelists, launch serph, and discuss the importance of digg titles I think Dustin is right – SEO *IS* like baking a cake – and Michael has given the best free advice I’ve seen in a long time […]