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Friday Favorites 1/12/07

Chacha gets funding – reported by Andy – Jeff Bezos is making a wise investment. Ironically enough I sat next to Brad Bostic on my plane ride to SES San Jose – and told him most the ways SEO’s would likely try to game his […]

Who Do You Trust? The SEO Trustbox

If I actually didn’t trust ALL of the people already starting this one, I probably wouldn’t have helped to spread this idea – but since you guys rock, and since trust of folks in the community is so damn important – I’m placing the livelihood […]

Now Hiring – Web Developer/ Operations Manager – Work Remotely

Please see below for resume submission details – if you can’t follow directions, you are automatically disqualified. I am working on some cool new projects with a few partners, and we need some help. Required skills XHTML and CSS Skills Proficiency in PHP/mySQL (ability to […]

Why Widgets Will Rule the World

Widgets will be one of the handiest link development tools of 2007. They have always been handy, but with the proliferation of bloggers, and common blog platforms, it makes the development of them that much more easy. Why beg for links when you can build […]

Video on Social Media, Digg, and Choosing an SEO with Neil Patel

If you haven’t seen the videos on Webpronews, now is a good time to check them out. The fellas over at WPN have done a real nice job creating some very professional looking videos. I did a video with Mike McDonald, and Neil Patel of […]

Friday Favorites 1/05/07

I missed a week, so a few of these are a few weeks old, but here’s some of my favorite stuff the past few weeks. Congrats to Jim for winning the 2006 best linking blog (deservedly) – Jim taught me a ton in my time […]

Help JP and Vanderbilt Hospital –

This is a very worthwhile cause, if you’re in the SEM community – I’m sure JP will be appreciative of some link love, and a story mention to all you bloggin’ folks out there. This will Improve the visibility of SEO Make some cool guy’s […]