Blog archives for Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Pubcon Vegas Social Media Optimization Presentation

I forgot to post this one – so here goes. The pretty random looking un-edited notes are listed below as well. If you’d prefer a larger version – you can view it here. I. Self-perpetuating snowball i. Rankings and relevant converting traffic ii. One more […]

SES Chicago Shoutouts

Okay, I’ve procrastinated on the Chicago "shout out" post, but here goes. As always, I’m sure I forgot some stuff, but it’s always a blur of information overload (which is probably worse than the alchohol). I learned some interesting things, and as always hung out […]

Ask Shoemoney Your Affiliate Questions – NetIncome Podcast

The podcast is now up for your listening pleasure – if you would like a summary first – Jeremy has it here. I got a chance to hang out with Jeremy a bit in Chicago and at pubcon in Vegas – and we’re gonna do […]

14 Chicago Conference Conversation Creators

How’s the show goin’ for ya? Are you enjoying the conference? Have you been to any sessions? Hi, I’m an SEO 5.So what do you do? Hi, I’m a competitive webmaster Isn’t the weather in Chicago in December fantastic?!? How’s the weather in your DMA? […]

Jim’s Got Some Killer New SEO Tools

Jim (who has been on a well deserved hiatus – taking care of some important priorities) has hired a really fantastic programmer back at WeBuildPages – and has a whole slew of new SEO tools with some very cool stuff. My favorite is the strongest […]

The Search Marketer’s Guide to Digg

I’ve been playing with Digg quite a lot lately – it’s an interesting site with a very well defined user base (of alpha geeks). I decided to start taking notes on some of my favorite articles and information on Digg for your reading pleasure (and […]

SoloSEO Project Management Go Live

SoloSEO is a very nice suite of tools for the DIY SEO’er. The only problem I see it having is scalability due to all the one man shops that will find high value from it. Online SEO Project management for any site. Try it out […]

Ted Leonsis Contest – Keep it Clean

Brian thought a contest for Ted Leonsis would be a good idea – and of course Michael’s always up for a bit of SEO experimenting. I think this “contest” offers a good opportunity to demonstrate the importance of rep management in a positive way. I […]

British Matt’s Greatest Hits

Okay – actually, I’m just helping Dave experiment, but it seemed like a good time to run through Matt’s site, and round up some of what I thought were among his best posts. Custom search Fall weather forecast Competition in search Googlebot fetching Info on […]

The Stunt Train SEO Marketing Manifesto

There’s probably a lot of better more cool names I could label myself – but I will forever consider “being an SEO” an honor, despite the beating it often takes from those that sully it’s good name. Below are the principles and qualities I would […]