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Blog Tag – 5 things You Didn’t Know About Todd Malicoat

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 9 years and 358 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Despite it being the equivalent of an e-mail chainletter – it’s a fun meme – and it’s a great way to get to know some folks of the web. Ben Wills “blog tagged” me, so here goes. After a bit of hunting, I was also tagged by DG. Props to Jeff Pulver for starting the fun little viral game.

  1. I went to college part time for over 7 years (and got a bachelor’s degree). I was a waiter for several years through my college career, and think all people should have to do two jobs for at least a month in their lifetimes – wait tables and be a link monkey. The world would be a better place.

  2. I played defensive tackle for my high school football team (at a whopping buck thirty five) – We were 11-1, and two wins from being state champions. I did several other sports including baseball, basketball, and pole vault. Now typing reeeeeeally fast is about the best excercise I get on most days.
  3. I own a set of turntables that I mix and scratch hip-hop and breakbeat music on just for fun (sample). “stuntdubl” was my “basement dj name” for music long before it was my online seo alter ego.
  4. I met my girlfriend online (yes, I like the internet THAT much).
  5. There’s nearly nothing I’d rather do than spend a day deep sea fishing in florida. (Going in a few weeks – woohoo!)

I’m going to make this a little difficult and tag: Jim Boykin, Greg Boser, Todd Friesen, Aaron Wall, and see if we can get Matt Cutts to admit he was like James Bond at the NSA
Added: After digging around on some sites – three of my tags have already been tagged, so I’d like to call out Cameron, Jarrod, and Mike.

More information about Todd Malicoat aka stuntdubl.

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  • Karl Ribas

    Wow… you played Tackle. I never would have guessed that. So are you a Giants fan or a Jets fan?

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    Yep – corner and safety my jv years – varsity the coaches didn’t like me so well:)

    As painful as it has become – I am actually a Lions fan. If forced, I would probably root for the New York Football Giants over the Jets :)

  • Kim (cre8pc)

    Wait a minute…you have a girlfriend???? :)

  • DG

    Tackle at a buck thirty-five? Did you carry brass knucks? ;)

    I grew up near Cincinnati, and had to deal with a decade of bad ball from the Bengals. This year there’s a little bit to cheer about. And then there was always the Buckeyes. And The Reds. I grew up in the era of the Big Red Machine.

    Tackle eh? At 14 I was 6’1″ and 180. At 16, 6’4″ and 210. Always played DE.

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >you have a girlfriend????

    Were you expecting a boyfriend Kim? :)

  • Igor M.

    Haha … Todd, great answer about the gf.

    By the way, we have few things kind of in common…

    college part time for over 7 years and the music stuff.

  • tacimala

    Ah yes, a Lions fan. In the SEO world, I’ve only heard of two others that will admit to that other than myself – Rebecca from SEOmoz being the other. Maybe one more win this season? :(

  • Natasha Robinson

    Wow, a DJ huh… you may have guessed by all the music quotes on my sometime blog, that I love music.

    Finally another SEO who might actually know who Little Brother is.

    AND BTW: one fact about me you may not have known: When I was younger, I was the Official Cardboard Carrier (sp?) for my brothers and his breakdance crew (it was the only way I could hang out with them) :)

    And: if you are a liner note reader (like me) you’ll probably like my friend from college’s blog : , he’s a dj in NYC but his blog is a beathead paradise… check out the weekly downloads and you’ll see what I mean

  • Michael Jensen


    Fun to learn more about you, thanks!

    I just created a “blog tag tree” that is tracking all these (trying to get caught up still!). Fun!

  • Kim Krause Berg (cre8pc)

    “Were you expecting a boyfriend Kim?”

    Well…Rand said at SES Chicago…and Lisa said…and maybe I thought… it was wrong Todd?…and I hate these “blond” moments :)

  • Jason Poteet

    I was a 135lb wide receiver with a defensive tackles hands and speed. Needless to say I am not at home preparing for the game Sunday. Unless you consider stocking the fridge and cleaning off the TV screen preparing. :)

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  • David Temple

    Interesting factoids, I like the 7 years of college. I bet you did your share of partying. Have fun deep sea fishing.

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  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >share of partying.

    Actually most of those days was full/part time work and full/part time school at community college. Wasn’t a huge party scene actually – and I was really never much of a drinker.

    >official cardboard carrier
    Awesome story – I’ll have to check out little brother – I actually didn’t know them – but they were described as similar to tribe called quest – ironically enough, when I read I was listening to Jazz (we’ve got) from the low end theory album.

    Most of my hip-hop knowledge is stuck in the early 90’s :)

    >defensive tackles hands and speed.
    SEO is so much easier on the body:)

  • Natasha Robinson

    I too am stuck in 90’s and late 80’s hip-Hop (was just listening to EPMD’s “Please listen to my Demo” – 1 of my favorite songs) I’ll upload some Little Brother to a folder on my site for you then ping you – I would classify their albums as Hip Hop Classics, and I don’t say that often. They are one of the few recent hip-hop groups that I like. They also give away (yes I said “give away music”) under the name of their extended group: Justus League. They are on myspace as well, and you can hear some of their music there – Also if you’ve never listened to it, you need to get 9th Wonder’s (the third memeber of their group and producer/dj) remix of Nas’s “God’s Son” – that has basically been sold out on wax for so long – lol.

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  • Sean

    You forgot one:

    #6 Todd makes a mean Jambalaya

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