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Ask Shoemoney Your Affiliate Questions – NetIncome Podcast

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 193 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The podcast is now up for your listening pleasure – if you would like a summary first – Jeremy has it here. I got a chance to hang out with Jeremy a bit in Chicago and at pubcon in Vegas – and we’re gonna do an episode of NetIncome this evening. It’s a bit late notice – but we’ll be discussing how folks can dive into affiliate marketing, and take their efforts to the next level. I’ve always had a mindful eye for affiliate marketing – but done very little until the last year or so, and starting to get much heavier into it now. I’ll be talking a bit about the progression from consultant to affiliate, and the crossovers between the two, as well as grilling Jeremy on how to become a better affiliate. If you have any questions for me to ask Shoe – now’s the time.

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  • graywolf

    What’s the one thing he knows now that he wishes he knew five years ago.

    What does he feel is the single biggest mistake most people make that keep them from making more money.

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  • http://n/a Aaron


    My girlfriend’s father often gets caught up in affiliate programs/pyramid schemes(selling ebooks/Prepaid Legal) and tends to advertise them on business cards and what not. How can I show him an easier and better route to doing it on the internet? Should I show him SEO or ppc? He knows his way around the computer and can take a template and make a site out of it. What would be best for a beginner like him and how could he learn?

  • webprofessor

    How does he target typos via ppc ( strategies etc.. )?
    how does his typo strategies differ from engine to engine ?

  • Alex

    What criteria does he use to identify potentially fraudulent clicks on Adwords/Adcenter/Overture?

  • Ken Savage

    QUESTION: Besides PPC, what are some of the best way to drive & increase traffic to a real site for affiliate links?

    QUESTION: If I get a hot chic to write your name on her chest and take a pic, will you link to me?

  • Roger Web

    Can I ask more then 1 ?

    Can you explain what incentivitised offers are

    How do you make money with incentivitised affiliate offers

    How do you keep fraud down on incentivitised offers (I heard this is why most people cant do them)

  • Igor M.

    If he lost everything (his websites, partnerships, etc) today … what would his actions be tomorrow? What steps? Specifics please.

  • ghoti

    Jeremy said on an earlier episode of Net Income that he tries a ton of different affiliate programs on CJ (and likely elsewhere also). As an experienced affiliate marketer trying a new program, how does he decide when to pull the plug and give up on it?

  • Dave Davis

    How much success have you had with multi tier affiliates? Seeing you are so well established in the arena, you must have a healthy downline. How would you recommend building/promoting a decent downline?

  • Rafael

    What is your best advice for an impoverished student to get started doing affiliate marketing? I`ve been aiming for organic traffic to bring in the sales but it`s just not happening and I cannot spend money to learn PPC right now.

  • webprofessor

    Good show Todd :-)

  • ghostrider

    Great show today. The questions were real good and enjoyed the answers. Hopefully the questions and answers part can be in more shows.

  • Brian

    I put massive amounts of resources into content creation in affiliate sites. As he found an easy / better solution to this ?

  • ghoti

    Rafael, you don’t really need to spend much to get started… Most of the search engines are offering credits for new accounts (I’ve seen $200 for MSN, $100 for Yahoo, $50 for Google, etc.). So all of that can help in a big way towards getting familiar with affiliate marketing with paid traffic.