Blog archives for Saturday, November 11th, 2006

SEO Conference Tips and Tricks

Since I’m shortly getting ready to head off to pubcon – I thought I’d put together a quick resource on tips and tricks for those newer to the show. The number one tip would be – don’t be shy – talk to people, and talk […]

Interview with Karl Ribas

I recently spent some time doing an interview with Karl Ribas for his site. I think it came out prettty decent. Check out the interview here if you get a chance. My personal favorite answer: As you’re well aware, Search Engine Marketing is a very […]

Get Paid to Review – Positive ROI for Advertisers and Publishers

I’ve really liked the idea of “Review Me” since I first heard about it. It’s kind of like “hot or not” for smarter people. It will allow immediate feedback on a variety of new ideas by paying for the valuable asset of people’s time to […]

Introduce Yourself Revisited

I thought I’d add the introduce yourself thread as top level navigation, since it’s always nice to know who reads here. If you haven’t done so before – please do it now. Lookin’ forward to meeting lots of new friends at Pubcon – and it’d […]

Stuntdubl Redesign – comments are back!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Mike P. for a quite a while now – and he’s put together a great redesign for me (okay maybe I’m biased – but I think it looks much cooler). The really good news is that he figured […]

5 MORE Deadly Sins of Blogging

Neil wrote a very nice piece called The 5 deadly sins of blogging – I thought I’d add a few more of my own to the list. Here’s 5 of the deadlist sins I’ve made and witnessed. 5. Stealing other people’s ideas (without links) Yes […]

EliteRetreat – Meet SeoBook, Shoemoney, Lee Dodd, and More

Elite Retreat sounds like a pretty good gig for those looking to understand SEO better. Rather than paying for a consultant, you can learn from multiple consultants about their given field, in an atmosphere that is still small enough to get some good face time. […]