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Ted Leonsis – Uber SEO – Posterboy for Reputation Management

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 8 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

There’s a gentleman by the name of Ted Leonsis at AOL that wanted to rank well for his own name – I’m sure he’s a decent chap – and thought I’d help out by linking to Ted Leonsis at threadwatch, and Ted Leonsis at Johnon, and Ted Leonsis at He’s a great example of why folks should be proactive about rep management for their own names.

Other sites:
Teddie at scoreboard
Ted at squidoo
Ted Leonsis – via AOL
Ted Leonsis – via AOL corporate
Ted Leonsis – via washington capitals
Ted Leonsis – via wikipedia
Ted Leonsis – via Washingtonpost
Ted Leonsis – via Imedia
Ted Leonsis – via Edge
Ted Leonsis – via Technorati
Ted Leonsis – Richard – playing for blackbear soccer united.

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  • Jeremy Luebke

    Boy this Ted sure is a popular guy ;)

  • Peter

    LoL, who said SEOs don’t have a sense of humor. ;)

  • Andy Beal

    That’s funny and wrong at the same time. ;-)

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    I agree Andy – even though I should know better – I couldn’t resist egging it on.

  • xensen

    I’m glad that you’re helping Mr. Leonsis out with some positive links. I was wondering why everyone has been blogging about Ted Leonsis, so I’m glad to hear that it’s not because people have anything against him. I think it’s important not to descend to the level of name-calling that may have started him on his SEO quest in the first place.

  • Brian Mark

    Hey… that’s brilliant. I need to start this, since some gay porn actor used my name and some of his pages still rank in Google. I wouldn’t have been bugged so much if I it wasn’t for some people in Chicago (where he’s from) asking me at SES Chicago if that’s me. Uhm… no. Different guy.

  • PA Scott

    Love it.

  • Caydel

    Brian Mark: That is funny. Perhaps you should place $500 on getting your name back :P

    At any rate, if you tell me you are not the gay actor, I promise I’ll believe you, whatever the truth may be :P

    BTW, I am blogging the Ted Leonsis contest too… This will be an excellent practical exercise in why reputation management is important!

  • TagMan

    Thanks for the link supporting Blackbear United Football Club. I’ve linked back from my original post and from a Squidoo lens.

    I suppose I’m in the unique position of having worked at AOL in the past and now work in the SEM industry. Perhaps that alters my view, but I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Ted’s a good guy. How many other C-level types would roll their sleeves up and even attempt their own SEO? I think he’s the wrong person the SEO/M community should be going after.

  • Blake P.

    You know Ted masterminded this whole contest. He just wanted to show that he was an expert at Viral Marketing too. :)

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