Blog archives for Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

The Search Marketer’s Guide to Digg

I’ve been playing with Digg quite a lot lately – it’s an interesting site with a very well defined user base (of alpha geeks). I decided to start taking notes on some of my favorite articles and information on Digg for your reading pleasure (and […]

SoloSEO Project Management Go Live

SoloSEO is a very nice suite of tools for the DIY SEO’er. The only problem I see it having is scalability due to all the one man shops that will find high value from it. Online SEO Project management for any site. Try it out […]

Ted Leonsis Contest – Keep it Clean

Brian thought a contest for Ted Leonsis would be a good idea – and of course Michael’s always up for a bit of SEO experimenting. I think this “contest” offers a good opportunity to demonstrate the importance of rep management in a positive way. I […]

British Matt’s Greatest Hits

Okay – actually, I’m just helping Dave experiment, but it seemed like a good time to run through Matt’s site, and round up some of what I thought were among his best posts. Custom search Fall weather forecast Competition in search Googlebot fetching Info on […]

The Stunt Train SEO Marketing Manifesto

There’s probably a lot of better more cool names I could label myself – but I will forever consider “being an SEO” an honor, despite the beating it often takes from those that sully it’s good name. Below are the principles and qualities I would […]

Top 14 Cool New Names for Someone Who Practices SEO

It’s a beautiful irony that SEO’s have a marketing problem with the “reputation of SEO” so I thought I’d give a few suggestions on other names SEO’s can now use on their business card or website as a selling point. Conversion analyzers Marketing consultants New […]

Las Vegas Pubcon 2006 Roundup

A week in Vegas with many of my favorite people on the planet always makes for a fantastic time. Great friends, great food, amazing new information, and the most creative thinking you’ll probably ever bear witness to. I’m now in recovery mode – trying to […]

Client Prequalification – Snake Oil 2.0 – Thanks to GapingVoid

I really needed some new business cards for pubcon – but I wanted something creative. I’ve always been impressed by Hugh MacLeod‘s theory of marketing – so I thought I’d take it for a spin. Hugh allows folks to use is art work so long […]

Ted Leonsis – Uber SEO – Posterboy for Reputation Management

There’s a gentleman by the name of Ted Leonsis at AOL that wanted to rank well for his own name – I’m sure he’s a decent chap – and thought I’d help out by linking to Ted Leonsis at threadwatch, and Ted Leonsis at Johnon, […]

Top 11 Euphemisms for Cloaking

Euphemisms are used in many areas of politics. The definition of cloaking to an engineer, and to an SEO is marginally different in terms of semantics. Cloaking has been villafied by search engines when users and bots are served different content. Engineers believe bots are […]