Blog archives for Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Interview with Darren McGlaughlin of Sootle Directory

Talked to Darren over on his website about a few different topics – check it out if you get a chance.

SEO is a Business School of Thought – Not a Process

Search engine optimization is no longer a process – it is a business school of thought – a philosophy. SEO is a thought process of using specific search marketing tools and principles for creating a successful business. SEO is making specific business decisions based on […]

You Wear a Suit to Work, but Let Your Nephew Design Your Website?

The title pretty much sums this one up. I’m not gonna go off on this one here, I just thought it was an interesting parallel after getting off a site that was for a large product manufacturer, had two guys with nice suits on one […]

Free vs. Fee Models On the Web

After attending the ASIDIC conference last month, I had a whole new insight into the world of premium content providers. Elisabeth Osmeloski and I wrote a piece for Search Engine Watch dealing with Free versus fee models on the web. It’s really fascinating how revenue […]

Hire New SEO’s Before Someone Else Does – Andy Beal’s SEO Scholarship

Andy Beal has developed probably the most brilliant contest in the world of SEO in quite some time. If you are fairly new to SEO – it is a great opportunity to get some significant exposure and maybe even win $5,000. There are some very […]

18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website

Why are you always retrofitting and re-optimizing? Your CEO (or other decision maker) didn’t ask the right questions. You need to know how to build and promote a website from the ground up to be successful. Picture your perfect web presence. Visualize web 2.0 Zen. […]