Blog archives for Monday, September 25th, 2006

The Business Case for Federated Search by Lesley D’Almeida, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Todd’s commentary: Lesley made a good case for the need for federated search to add value within the premium content community. From what I gathered CSA has provided some unique solutions for publishers to aggregate their content. Lesley D’Almeida, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Product Manager CSA […]

Delivering Content to Mobile Devices by: Tony Philip, Upsnap

Todd’s commentary: Tony had some great insight on the mobile content delivery market. If I really wanted to be ahead of the curve, this is the way I’d be moving. I really wanted to ask some questions about the fees associated with microbilling for content […]

Taxonomy Standards by: Majorie M.K. Hlava

Todd’s commentary: This whole conference really opened my eyes to how important taxonomies are in other fields. There was a very humourous debate session during the conference that I didn’t manage to take notes on, but Majorie had an incredible amount of insight on taxonomy […]

More Friday Funnies from King Value Spammer Chris Pirillo

I got to do a delightful presentation at SES San Jose with Andy, Rand, and Chris on Social Networking (wikipedia and tagging). Chris is an incredibly intelligent and quite personable guy, and is quite entertaining to talk (debate) with, though we definitely hold some differences […]

11 More Signs You Need a Break From SEO

Matt’s 21 signs you need a break from SEO cracked me up – so I thought I’d add a few more of my own. Among my favorite from Matt: 11) You lay awake at night wondering who would win a foot race: a marketing pilgrim […]

Andy Hagans is a Master Link Baiter

I rarely do promotional posts unless I really believe in a product, and the person behind it. Andy has beat me to providing a linkbaiting service that I think will hold an enormous amount of value for subscribers. The service consists of writing an article […]

Book Review Break – Undercover Economist by Tim Harford

Undercover Economist by Tim Harford Subtitle: Exposing Why The Rich Are Rich, The Poor Are Poor – and Why You Can Never Buy a Decent Used Car Here’s the Scoop: I’ve had a fascination with economics lately – it’s pretty tough to get through an […]

Interviewed by Ben Wilks

Ben Wilks is planning to interview some brilliant minds in the world of the search, in the meantime – he interviewed me. If you don’t get enough of me blathering about search, there is some more on Ben’s site.

What is Federated Search?

I’m sitting in the ASIDIC conference, and trying to take this all in. So far it is truly fascinating to me to dive full force into such a new space. One of the terms that is very precious to this industry is “federated search”. It […]

Association of Information and Dissemination Centers Conference

That sure is a mouthfull. I’ve been trying to learn what the acronym ASIDIC stood for for a few weeks now – while telling people – a conference involving a key group of premium content publishers. It looks like a pretty good bunch – and […]