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Delivering Content to Mobile Devices by: Tony Philip, Upsnap

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 271 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Todd’s commentary: Tony had some great insight on the mobile content delivery market. If I really wanted to be ahead of the curve, this is the way I’d be moving. I really wanted to ask some questions about the fees associated with microbilling for content on mobile devices, but unfortunately there wasn’t time.

Delivering Content to Mobile Devices
The Leader in Mobile Search and Live Entertainment
Tony Philip, CEO Upsnap

Wireless market metrics
There are nearly 1.8 billion wireless subscribers worldwide
There are 207.9 million us wireless subscribers

Wireless business models

-Premium per month services – billed to cell phone – pay-per-play or monthly subscription

  • -Free services

    ½ page in USToday article on how to SMS

  • Pay-per-call connect off free cell phone SMS 411 – average pay per call price is $9.00

    Auction model – free to consumer

    Seamless integrations into partner infrastructures and customer devices

  • -Mobile search
  • -swing platform

  • -pay per call
  • -sports manager

  • -multiple interfaes
    sms, wap, brew, j2me

  • Upsnap provides the first search and entertainment offering that can be used on any phone
    · Mobile search
    · Audio channel
    · Voip
    · Voice based search
    · Location based search

    Mobile opportunities for premium content
    · New subscription revenue (recurring or one time)
    · New advertising revenue (pay per call)
    · Real time updates to static data (ex. Research reports)
    · Video/audio

    The global mobile data market will exceed $200 billion by 2010, predict the analysts at Frost & Sullivan

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