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Taxonomy Standards by: Majorie M.K. Hlava

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 0 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Todd’s commentary: This whole conference really opened my eyes to how important taxonomies are in other fields. There was a very humourous debate session during the conference that I didn’t manage to take notes on, but Majorie had an incredible amount of insight on taxonomy standards.

Taxonomy Standards – Majorie M.K. Hlava

President – Access Innovations, Inc. – Data Harmony
Vocabulary and Terminology Standards

What are the for?
· Accuracy
· Disambiguation
· Recall
· Precision
· Relevance
· Removing noise
· Increasing hits

Vocabulary control
Define scope of term (meaning)
Equivalence between synonyms

  • -and quasi synonyms
  • -single conept

  • -cars/automibles

    Distinguish homographs

  • Mercury – car, planet, metal?

    Nice to have
    · Equivalence – synonyms – rogets
    · Associative – related terms
    · Hierarchies – taxonomy view
    · History – development of the term
    · Notes – help the user
    · Notation – different way to sort
    · Display – how to show the terms

    Where do they come from?
    · Ansi/NISO
    o National information standards organization

    · ISO
    o International standards organization

    · W3C – world wide web consortium
    · US OMB – united states office of management and budgets · IFLA

    Effectiveness of Indexing

    Vocabulary Control


    · Same content – different domains
    · Different vocabularity – same domain
    · Degree of specificity / granularity
    · Handling of synonyms
    · Search methodology
    o Z39.50
    o Pre coordinated
    o Post coordinated

    o Merges vocabularies
    o Merging databases
    o Indixing using single vocab
    o Federated searching
    o Maping or crosswalks
    o Decide on master vocab

    Z39.19 – 2006 – Controlled Vocabularies – What’s New

    Other methods – Zeng
    Derivation modeling
    Translation and adaption
    Satellited vocabularies
    Node or leaf indexing
    Multiple senses for the same noun in a lexical database
    Example: Bridge

    OWL – Web Ontology Language
    RDF – Resource description format
    Topic maps
    SKOS – simple knowledge organization systems

    o Which community to serve?
    o Build on the current standard
    o Might make this link next

    Other things to watch –
    SIMILE – supported through the open source community.

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