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Taxonomy Standards by: Majorie M.K. Hlava

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 271 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Todd’s commentary: This whole conference really opened my eyes to how important taxonomies are in other fields. There was a very humourous debate session during the conference that I didn’t manage to take notes on, but Majorie had an incredible amount of insight on taxonomy standards.

Taxonomy Standards – Majorie M.K. Hlava

President – Access Innovations, Inc. – Data Harmony
Vocabulary and Terminology Standards

What are the for?
· Accuracy
· Disambiguation
· Recall
· Precision
· Relevance
· Removing noise
· Increasing hits

Vocabulary control
Define scope of term (meaning)
Equivalence between synonyms

  • -and quasi synonyms
  • -single conept

  • -cars/automibles

    Distinguish homographs

  • Mercury – car, planet, metal?

    Nice to have
    · Equivalence – synonyms – rogets
    · Associative – related terms
    · Hierarchies – taxonomy view
    · History – development of the term
    · Notes – help the user
    · Notation – different way to sort
    · Display – how to show the terms

    Where do they come from?
    · Ansi/NISO
    o National information standards organization

    · ISO
    o International standards organization

    · W3C – world wide web consortium
    · US OMB – united states office of management and budgets · IFLA

    Effectiveness of Indexing

    Vocabulary Control


    · Same content – different domains
    · Different vocabularity – same domain
    · Degree of specificity / granularity
    · Handling of synonyms
    · Search methodology
    o Z39.50
    o Pre coordinated
    o Post coordinated

    o Merges vocabularies
    o Merging databases
    o Indixing using single vocab
    o Federated searching
    o Maping or crosswalks
    o Decide on master vocab

    Z39.19 – 2006 – Controlled Vocabularies – What’s New

    Other methods – Zeng
    Derivation modeling
    Translation and adaption
    Satellited vocabularies
    Node or leaf indexing
    Multiple senses for the same noun in a lexical database
    Example: Bridge

    OWL – Web Ontology Language
    RDF – Resource description format
    Topic maps
    SKOS – simple knowledge organization systems

    o Which community to serve?
    o Build on the current standard
    o Might make this link next

    Other things to watch –
    SIMILE – supported through the open source community.

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