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Friday Funny – SEO Cartoons

I’m a sucker for cartoons now – this one deserved a link: SEORefugee Cartoons SEO Idiot has done some cartoons as well-and- My new themesong.

Text Link Ads Launches Feedvertising for RSS Advertising

One more way to make money from your blog. Check out Feedvertising for adding customized ad links to your RSS feed.

2006 ASIDIC Conference Roundup Notes

The ASIDIC conference was a completely new experience for me. It gave me a chance to get outside my comfort zone in the world of search and try to soak up some of the cutting edge information in an entirely new field. The conference gave […]

One More ASIDIC Notes Disclaimer

Just in case you missed in the previous post – please contact me with any mistakes. The notes are pretty raw – with just a little bit of personal commentary, so please let me know if you spot errors or oversights.

Paul Gerbino – An Undiscovered Genius

Todd’s commentary: Paul caught a bit of flack for Frank’s title on the session, but he lived up to his rep. Thomasnet has made a great leap of faith from beyond the confines of a subscription model to shift to a new media ad model. […]

Bookmarks, Histories, and Tags – Nigel Hamilton,

Todd’s commentary: If you haven’t heard about Trexy – you will begin too shortly. Trexy has some very interesting technology “re-incorporating” user data into the search algorithms for improved relevancy. I got the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Nigel and his partner […]

Web 2.0: The Next Generation? by: Jean Bedord

Todd’s Commentary: Finally, someone more disturbed by Web 2.0 than me!! Okay, honestly I like web 2.0 as a marketing tool, but those in the know understand that the concepts are the same – just packed in design dripping with ajax, round corners, and excessive […]

Content in the Emerging World of Digital Natives by: Matt Hong

Todd’s commentary: This was among my favorite presentations at the conference, because it re-introduced an idea that is certainly worth revisiting. The ideas brought about by “digital natives” vs. “digital immigrants” is fundamental to understanding your user base on the web, and how they learn. […]

Reshaping the Conduit in Digital Delivery Channels – Ezra Ernst

Todd’s commentary: Ezra gave a great introduction to the conference as the keynote. Reshaping delivery channels seemed to be a very important focus of the conference, and he had an exceptional experience level in the field. Notes on the session: Ezra Ernst, CEO Swets North […]

Federated Search Comes of Age – But Where is the Value?

Todd’s notes: Federated search is essentially the information industry’s terminology for meta-search. Federated search is used for querying multiple premium content databases. The panel did a nice job in discussing where the value propositions are in aggregating multiple data sources. Paul Levy’s viral video “The […]