Blog archives for Thursday, August 31st, 2006

12 Easy Quality Indicators to Combine to Prove Trust

There are several quick easy ways to establish some trust for your domain. There are really no excuses to not have most of this stuff for any legitimate business website. It’s so easy and the opportunity cost is extremely low compared to the potential benefits. […]

Top 10 Endearing Monikers Bestowed on Danny Sullivan

Danny is the ___________ of search. Godfather Shaq Dali Lama Rock star Maven Pioneer Barbara Eden Founding father True voice Guru Found from perusing Barry’s List – This was found skimming through about half of them. Yea, I think the man has some clout, and […]

How To Choose an SEO Consultant by Karl Ribas

**Editor Notes Karl Ribas is currently the Project Manager over at All Web Promotion, and on the side runs his own search engine marketing Blog and consultant website. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Karl back and forth online, and finally got to meet […] – A Brief Peak – Cool Stuff has just recently launched their really promising looking service. You can follow their progress on their blog, or signup with them to try it out. I’ve met the gentleman behind this service, and in addition to being extremely smart, they’re nice guys as well. […]

SEO Rockstars Interview Podcast is Live

Download the show. Got a chance to talk with Greg, and Todd on SEORockstars We talked a bit about consultancy work, and answered some of the questions that were asked in advance, including old sites, auctioned domains, social networking, and more. I even got ‘em […]

Make Yourself Smarter: Your Laptop as a Transactive Memory System Tool

Ever since I’ve heard the flashy million dollar college term: “transactive memory system”, which I first read in The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, I’ve been fascinated by the concept. My interpretation of a transactive memory system (TMS) is something that is used to retain […]

12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them

Been meaning to do a revisit of the types of links that I discussed from “Balancing the Link Equation”, which is based on the thought process from a couple Pubcon presentations. Andy and Aaron just put out an excellent guide of 101 link building tips, […]

SEORockstars – Tuesday at 7:00 EST – Suggestions?

Got a message from Mr. Oilman late last week asking if I’d like to do part of SEORockstars with him. I asked what the topic would be (already knowing the answer) – so I have a few ideas I’m bouncing around, and would be happy […]

11 Rising Barriers To Entry for Small Businesses on the Web

Highly intelligent PPC automation tools and arbitrageurs Age factors impacting trust score Ad agencies catching on to SEO User data validation for trust score Saavy affiliates with established sites that don’t like competition SE’s shifting of the content revenue model Diminishing conversion rates for link […]

Drinking My Own Kool-Aid: Best Posts Page Updated

So I wrote a little bit on how important I think a best posts page is to your blog users, and figured I’d go back through and review my archives a bit. I added a few little things, organized, and prioritized my new best posts […]