Blog archives for Monday, July 31st, 2006

The Marketing Guy That Speaks Techie

A good SEO is both a geek and a suit, and is able to speak the language of both worlds. Providing SEO services without understanding both business and techie principles is the equivalent of trying to teach english to spanish children without knowing both languages […]

Peek Into Google Algo Part II – I Was Way Wrong

My first post on the Google cache error was pretty much a quick rundown of what I thought was possible that the error message revealed about the Google algo. Well, after reviewing the error further, I was pretty much completely wrong. It sounded like some […]

MSO (MySpace Optimization) – The New SEO

Okay, so now that Myspace is the #1 site in the world, I think it’s finally time to embrace the space with a full marketer’s mentality. Despite the Myspace’s title being disputed, it’s hard to argue that there is an incredibly large market with a […]

A Proud Day – No More “Did You Mean”

Being my blog alter-ego is a misspelling, I’ve always gotten “Did you mean stuntdouble?” when doing a query for stuntdubl. Today was the first day that I noticed there was no more “did you mean”. I’m curious if it is due to search query volume […]

A Peek Into the Google Algorithm

Last week, a gent by the name of Ruslan Abuzant, got a rare peak at a portion of the algorithm of Google, stumbling accross it when looking at the cached version of a multi-language page. He was kind enough to post his findings on digital […]

Lee Dodd Launches

I’ve spent a lot of time recently catching up on podcasts, and was lucky enough to catch Jeremy (aka shoemoney) talking with Lee Dodd on Net Income. I hadn’t come accross much of Lee’s stuff in the past, unfortunately, but he seems like a […]

The Trust Knob is WAY too High – Google Trustbox

Firstly, it’s a Trustbox, not a Sandbox. “Trust filters” seem to be a large portion of what has most SEO’s in a frenzy over search engine’s currently. There are pros and cons to the trustbox for folks on both sides of the fence, and the […]