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The 5 minute Link Value Test – 6 Link Quality Indicators

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 3 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Link quality indicatorsGetting links is hard work. It’s very difficult to solicit links with no value proposition. It’s difficult to develop a value proposition if you have no sense of what you’re negotiating for. This is one of the key reasons why understanding the value of links is such a critical component to an SEO campaign.

No one likes to hear that placing a value on a link is a “gut feel” skill, but it’s true. You need to repeat the process many times, and understand the shifts in the marketplace. It’s pretty easy to get paralysis by analysis when placing value on links, so I thought I’d do a post on a quick stripped down link value test. You’ll have to apply your own monetary guides to these scales, but these are key variables that I try to always consider quickly.

This should take you no more than five minutes to test these 6 quality indicators of text link value to search engine rankings.

6 Quality Indicators for Text Link Value

  • Keyword/Theme/Industry Worth
    Tool – Overture bid tool is dead – sorry. Try determining this with adwords bid pricing.

    Relative to:
    SERP Value

  • Link Pop/Power/PR/ Googlejuice Link Popularity
    Tool – Y site explorer – or handy yExplore FF extension

    Relative to:
    Click through value, traffic levels, 2nd tier IBLS (your IBLs IBL’s…their “network” if you prefer)

  • Outbound Links
    Tool – Outbound link bookmarklet
    Installation – drag this to your browser toolbar.

    Relative to:
    Percentage of page outbound link value

  • Unique Linking Domains
    Tool – Link Harvester

    Relative to:
    Overall trust link score

  • Placement
    Tool – Use your head and look at this.
    Links in the body are worth more than navigation or advertising links.

    Relative to:

    Overall trust link score, co-citation, proximity, anchor text usage 6. Age
    Tool – Wayback Machine, or search status ff plugin which gives one click access to the wayback machine info.

    Relative to:
    Overall trust score

    Understanding how to get links isn’t nearly as worthwhile as why you want to get links and the types, and developing semi-automated methodology.

    Rand’s quick strength tool sounds like it shares some similar ideas

    More information about Todd Malicoat aka stuntdubl.

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    • ebizbest

      Great blog. I’ll be a regular reader. I have passion for SEO too. My background is marketing, and I find SEO and Marketing is really closely related. Loooking forward to see your next post.
      I definitely agree with your opinion. Getting LIVE links are one of the most effective ways to boost your page rank.

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    • Search Engines WEB

      This one is many times more powerful than overture – look at the
      Search Engines they cover

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    • NedNil Marketing

      Nice list of tools there. Something was up with the link hounds using yahoo. Anyways very usefull!

    • Animas

      Todd, have you ever thought about quality indicators for search being like the representational sampling of sensory neurons in the index of the body?


      “Quality indicators are like the sensory neurons in the body: they allow the search engines to identify the highest quality documents through generalization and extrapolation without having to score them all individually.”

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    • Nomadishere

      Nice link analysis graphic Todd :)

    • Onur Buyukceran

      Hello Guys,
      It seems “Overture Bid Tool” is dead :) Anyway, the blog is still worth to read. I am also a big fun of SEO.
      Kind Regards.

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