Blog archives for Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Echoeing Click Stream as an Algorithm Validator

Fun commentary, but technology sometimes sucks…Graywolf and I talked with Greg about click stream analysis and its’ potential impact on search engine results positions. Most people that talk about search engine rankings sometimes forget to realize that there are 100’s if not 1000’s variables to […]

GoodKarma Radio Show with Greg Niland Tomorrow

I’ll be talking with Greg GoodROI Niland tomorrow on Good Karma about various topics including the pros and cons of using clickstream data in search engine algorithms, speculation on how it may be used and a slew of other totally speculative topics that I probably […]

ClickTracks Appetizer – Free Web Analytics Software

I was over perusing on Lee’s marketing blog when I noticed a post Thomas had done on Clicktracks appetizer. I’m a big fan of clicktracks mainly because the people behind it rock, they have excellent support and have made analytics extremly usable and yet still […]

Explaining the Value of Viral Marketing Through an Understanding of Text Link Value

Link valuation is the most fundamental component of current SEO strategies in my mind. There are certainly other important aspects to ranking well, but without understanding how to put a value on a link you are sunk. That’s why I harp about it on a […]

Book Review Break – The Tipping Point

Book: The Tipping Point by: Malcolm Gladwell Subtitle: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Here’s the scoop: Malcolm Gladwell was the keynote speaker at the recent Boston Pubcon. I figured the memes from the idea in his book would be spreading like wildfire […]

Boston Pubcon Recovery Mode – Linking Presentation Posted

Usually by the time I return from a conference, I have all the mental capacity of a sea snail. I really don’t understand how folks blog and still manage to enjoy themselves. I generally shut down from the online world for about a week or […]

Being an SEO – Can We Start SEO 2.0?

We’ve already discussed SEO generations, how some folks entered the industry at different times and learned from others. Outside of the SEO sphere, however, SEO seems to elicit a much different response from folks based on their different (often negative) experiences with those claiming to […]

I am Not a Link Communist

It is against my better judgment to stir the pot on this issue, but it’s upsetting to me whenever the topic gets brought up. I don’t understand why engines are resorting to fear, uncertainty, and doubt to retain their relevancy, so I thought I’d bite […]

How to Write Successful Subject Titles for Link Requests

Unfortunately, not everyone on the web wants to hear from you. As people’s personal filtering systems get better, the odds that your message is received declines. Subject lines are a big part of how I do my personal e-mail filtering. When I say “personal e-mail […]

You’re Only as Smart, Sexy, Funny, and Trusted as the People You Link To

Your online credibility is only as good as who you link to. Your ‘hood..your peeps, and even your advertisers. If you link to ugly, dorky, sarcastic, mean, condescending, people like me, then you could potentially soil your credibility, lose website traffic, be banned from all […]