Blog archives for Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Time for New Adventures in Stuntdubl Land

It is with anticipation and a bit of sadness that I will be leaving We Build Pages to pursue a new career. Unfortunately, the direction of the business is not inline with my personal and professional goals at this time, and therefore I feel I […]

It’s Time to Get to Know Web 2.0

If you’ve been lollygagging around like me, not reading up on all the new up and comers, Rand and Kat of SEOMoz have just saved you a helluva lotta time through the creation of their web 2.0 awards. Not only did they roundup 300 websites […]

Top 10 Reasons it’s Great to Be a SEO

10. You can say you know Aaron Wall and Rand. Because most people will never “get it” and that’s a good thing. Everybody’s an expert because even the most experienced have only done it about 10 years. You get to read Matt’s “seo blog” You’ve […]

Top 10 Reasons it Sucks to be an SEO

1. It doesn’t exist outside it’s own sphere Forum drama and valid paranoia (sometimes they ARE watching) Incompetent creative teams, illiterate content writers, and bad coders Too much back biting blogger bullshit and snake oil peddaling. Unreasonable expectations When no one knows or understands the […]

SEOs and Lawyers – It’s a JOKE…Seriously…a JOKE.

From some recent discussions, I’ve learned that it’s good to have a sense of humor and be able to handle a little self deprecation, constructive criticism, and even the occassional excessive sensationalism. I hope most of your SEO experience doesn’t make you laugh at the […]

Comments are Back…Again

Since I basically suck at coding, I keep borking my wordpress template breaking comments. For all those kind enough to comment, they are now back. Gonna try not to experiment without backups or knowledge from now on. Thanks to a very good developer discussion is […]

Nick Wilson Talks About Performancing Metrics Performance

Download the new free beta Performancing Metrics here. I really like stats and most other webmasters and SEO’s do as well. Stable positive stats over time is one of the nicest things we can hope for. While Performancing Metrics is geared more strictly towards bloggers, […]

Review of Performancing Metrics

Okay, firstly what is really better than free information that helps you to make money? Yes, there are indeed a few things, but not many. The gentleman over at have put together a nice free blog metrics tracking system that is a kind gift […]

You Can Never be too Rich, too Thin, or Have too Many Links

…I came up with the title in a hurry after watchin’ too much E channel, pop news, and reality TV garbage while working on my laptop being too lazy to pick up the remote and turn the channel. G-dub was also inspirational with his, “no […]

Motivation for Posting and How to Post

Incentivization and Motivation, in my mind are two amazing semi-scientific metrics to interpret and predict human behavior. Incentives are often thought of in monetary terms and motivation is more of a “sweat equity” labor kind of thing. For all things speculative like link development, community […]