Blog archives for Monday, January 16th, 2006

Know Your Audience and Establish a Voice – Blogging 101

Some recent golden advice from Sir Mike Grehan on “knowing your audience”, sent me down an avenue of thinking about the topic. I’ve heard it come up quite often, but I think the value in this information is grossly understated. Mike says: And for anyone […]

Random Thought – Gift Certificates for Links

I started this post a while back, and thought I’d toss the idea out even though it’s far from complete. Maybe some other day. Justilien had a nice post about asking your customers to help you build your business with links. I really like the […]

How to Access Myspace Bypassing Your School Firewall

*Disclaimer – You shouldn’t break rules. You shouldn’t break the law. I accept no responsibility if you do. How to access Myspace (or other sites) through your school firewall **update – VTunnel is said to work quite well as a proxy for accessing myspace. Easy […]

Caseless Case Study: The Will of Loyal Community Members

The next post I’ll be doing is a tutorial for myspace junkies on how to get through a firewall to access the site. Many schools will block access to myspace (probably for good reason), but loyal users are persistent. Roger actually pointed this out to […]

Shameless Solicitation for Del.ici.ous and MyYahoo Adds

The more and more I look at it, the more I know I should be embracing blogging even in it’s ridiculous forms. Lots of promotion in the blogosphere is either ridiculous to get attention or shameless. I’m going for the latter this time.:) If you […]

Holy List of Aggregated SEO blogs Batman!

Do I really have to read these all daily to keep up? If you know any of the blogs on this list, you are probably aware of threadwatch. Claus drops this list seo blogging beauties. Fantastic list and great thread by some great minds of […]

You Owe Greg and Dax Beer on Fridays – SiteExplorer Backlink Mining Tool

I went by Greg’s site to get a link to send someone for the other tool (espion) that he had released, and noticed another handy tool for mining backlinks with Yahoo site explorer. Since I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet, I’m guessing it’s fairly […]

Under Manual Review: Editorial Control and the Search Engines

I am constantly baffled by Google’s insistence that there is such a low level of human discretion and editorial control in their organic search result determination. Isn’t the decision to leave editorial control up to a silicon based form of intelligence even SOME level of […]

The Economic Lifecycle of a Search Engine Result

Sticking with my recent economics kick, I’m pondering the lifecycle of a search result. I think just about every keyword nearly qualifies as still being in the “boom period” as there is still relatively little competition being pushed out of emerging search result microeconomies. In […]

SEO Community Advice from Andy Hagans – 2nd Generation SEO

Andy dishes out some sagely advice on how to make it in the SEO community over at Search Engine Journal. Normally, I don’t do posts for single articles, but Andy does an excellent job of catering to the ego of the blogger in me. This […]