Blog archives for Monday, December 12th, 2005

Interview with Roger Montti – Martinibuster on Links, SEO/SEM, Marketing and Life

Roger “Martinibuster” Montti was kind enough to give me a bit of his time to run through some of the recent issues on marketing on the web and it’s evolution. Hope you’ll enjoy the read. Todd:It was nice to get a chance to hang out […]

Mr. Ploppy returns…SEM Toolbox Part II

Mr. Ploppy returns…briefly anyhow. SEO toolbox is probably a bit more fitting, since I would guess most everyone on the panel did very little PPC work. Perhaps some PPC tools would be nice next time. Thanks to all the other great panelists. If you were […]

Scraper Sites and SE Ambiguity: What is Your Site’s Reading Level?

What is a scraper site Question from client: What do you make of this site? http:// goes here Whats the purpose? My response: It’s what we call a “scraper site” Designed specifically to game adsense and make money from clicks. It’s an evolution of […]

Book Rundown Break – Marketing Warfare

Book: Marketing Warfare by Al Reis and Jack Trout Subtitle:A Guide to Marketing with the Assistance of Karl von Clausewitz Topics: -Marketing -War Interpreted Thesis:The principles of marketing are like the principles of warfare, only the battleground is in the mind. Marketing battles are fought […]

SES Chicago 2005 Notes

Fresh off a nice nap and night’s sleep, I’m feelin’ much fresher than when I woke up on the top of the luggage carousel at Chicago O’Hare at 4 a.m. Barring that last note, SES Chicago was a good time as has come to be […]

The Best Link Ninjas are Great Searchers – Creative Queries Drive Rankings

“Never scream just before attacking another ninja from behind. This will only alarm the ninja that you are about to do something funky.” -Ninja wisdom Imagine you’re a ninja warrior. If you only know kung-fu and how to use a pair of nung-chucks, what’s going […]

Think Ahead. Think Mobile Search Marketing (Mobile SEO)

Mobile search marketing and optimization is on it’s way, and Andy and Jimmy are on top of it over at Mobile Optimizers. I don’t usually do too many shameless plugs, but I’ve been really excited to jump into the fray on mobile search marketing, and […]

The Difficulty of Hiring Good SEO/SEM Staff

Why it’s tough to hire SEO staff -Good SEO’s know with affiliate marketing makes it easy to make more -freelance web design and development makes one man project management a reality -it’s cheaper offshore (making profitability and scalability tough) -billable hours are no fun, and […]

Mr. Ploppy on Hiatus

Okay folks, there are only so many free tools out there available. For the time being, I’m pretty much out of ideas. If you have ideas for tool lists (or would like to do a tool list) feel free to let me know. At some […]

Guest Post on the “Trustbox”

I received an e-mail from a kind gent in the UK this morning in regards to his take on the “sandbox” and his summmation of it. I asked if he would like to have it “guest posted” here as I thought it quite insightful. He […]