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40 SEM 2006 Predictions – Search Engine Marketing Trends and Opportunities

This started with a little list of things I thought had changed between 2005 and 2006 and turned into a large list of brainstormed ideas of things to keep in mind for the upcoming year. The first 30 I tried to compare the evolution somewhat. […]

Belated Thanks for the Honor to Search Engine Journal

I owe a big thanks to Search Engine Journal – the source for fair and balanced SEO News, and all the wonderful folks who gave me favorable votes in the SEO blog contest. I’m honored and humbled to have been mentioned among such a fine […]

“Checker” SEM Tools

Bulk class C checker Header checker Copyright checker Text Browser checker tool Neighborhood checker Spiderablity checker Visibility checker Lynx checker Age checker Top 10 checker Bid checker Host checker Banning checker robots.txt checker

Wayback Machine Update?

I haven’t seen too many (any?) sites from 2005 in the wayback machine until today, and I do tend to check it quite often. Jim mentioned a while back that he had not seen it update since November 2004. Maybe they were reading his site, […]

Blogger Theory on Posting Frequency – Often for Viral-ability vs. Well Thought Out Knowledgebases for Bookmark-ability

This must be a question every blogger asks themselves in their blog lifetime. If I just dropped seemingly sagely one liners and a link from time to time, would that be more valuable than long-winded articles? Would I get called out if I was wrong? […]

Library of Future Reading

I went wild on Amazon for future reading. In deference to GrayWolf’s post on his library and because I’m excited about havin’ a bunch of new books, I thought I’d post my new found future reading list. I like to build nice long lists on […]

Book Breakdown Break – The Search

Book: The Search by John Battelle Subtitle: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture Here’s the scoop: I really was excited when this came out. I purchased it, and waited a long time, and was ultimately quite pleased […]

Virality is more Potent than Spiderability

Brett’s is one of the first to test this theory pushing “all-in” Te-has hold ‘em style by banning all bots. I think this is another evolution that Google doesn’t realize that they have created yet. Google and Yahoo both realized relatively recently that Bigger is […]

Mike Marshall Talks SEM Logic

Thanks to Rand for pointing me in the direction of the staff of Fortune Interactive (including Andy Beal, and Mike Marshall). SEM Logic is a brilliant piece of programming done by a guy nice enough to talk to me for 25 minutes even though he […]

There Will Be No SEO Secrets Today

There were no secrets online today. There was only the decentralized arguements of expertise from a community of folks who has been entirely educated in our field online. All the secrets have been “vaulted” for use from a different perspective for another day, or I […]