Blog archives for Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

The Difficulty of Hiring Good SEO/SEM Staff

Why it’s tough to hire SEO staff -Good SEO’s know with affiliate marketing makes it easy to make more -freelance web design and development makes one man project management a reality -it’s cheaper offshore (making profitability and scalability tough) -billable hours are no fun, and […]

Mr. Ploppy on Hiatus

Okay folks, there are only so many free tools out there available. For the time being, I’m pretty much out of ideas. If you have ideas for tool lists (or would like to do a tool list) feel free to let me know. At some […]

Guest Post on the “Trustbox”

I received an e-mail from a kind gent in the UK this morning in regards to his take on the “sandbox” and his summmation of it. I asked if he would like to have it “guest posted” here as I thought it quite insightful. He […]

The Trustbox Revisted

“There’ll be no Fockers in my circle of trust” Bob Deniro – Meet the Parents. “Trust is earned not given” Time + Trust = High Quality Indications for relevance Why there is no sandbox there is only trustbox Trust is earned not given It’s easy […]

Link Ninjas Link Development Training

The Webmasterworld conference in Las Vegas was great as usual. Thanks to all the people who made for enjoyable conversations (you know who you are). Special thanks to Brett and company who always put on a great show, and to our gracious Grand Canyon tour […]

Webmaster World Search Conference X in Las Vegas

Well, the trip officially kicks off tomorrow at 6a.m. Pubcon X is guaranteed to be a great time filled with a ton of new business opportunities. The vibe when you get hundreds of idea riddled geeks and marketing folks together in that small of an […]

Boser’s Got a Blog

Oh boy. This should be fun. From his take no prisoners candor at conferences to his “asshole of the week” award on webmasterradio, Greg is never lacking for entertainment value (and SEO knowledge for that matter). Thanks to Oilman for breakin’ the news.

Natural SEO Reasoning – Simple Standalone Variable Guidelines

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. -Frank Lloyd Wright: I don’t envy search engine engineers at all. It must be pretty tough to combate thousands of spammers on a daily basis while not pissing off a lot of […]

SEO Trump Factors

As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big. -Donald Trump Whenever someone asks me about meta tags I try to remind them that time is better spent elsewhere. Some variables matter…and some REALLY matter…I like to try to stick to the “trump […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume #31 – SEO and Web Development Sales Tools

Sales can be a tough but essential part of anyone interested in freelancing or consulting. Good sales can make or break a business. There are not a lot of “online tools” for learning to sell web design and search engine marketing, but there are a lot of fantastic articles and discussions on the subject.