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Book Rundown Break II – The Wu-tang Manual

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 11 years and 2 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Book: The Wu-Tang Manual by: the RZA

Subtitle: History and philosophy of the Wu-Tang empire

Here’s the scoop: Rza drops science on life, religion, business, and music.

Interpreted Thesis: A mix of philosophy, art, and science makes for a well rounded individual.


  • -Business
  • -Production

  • -Grand spiritual megamix
  • Extended: RZA led a group of nine individuals into a multi-million dollar corporate empire with the vision of a champion.

    Favorite part: Understanding Rza’s vision that took the music industry (and now several others) by storm using leverage and good management.

    Favorite portions:

  • -Learning about supreme mathematics and 5% theory
  • -Learning Rza’s production tools

  • -Application of eastern culture to techology, business, and an urban lifestyle
  • -Discussion of chess boxing

  • -Imagining a mind that would dream up the Bobby Digital cartoon
  • Application to SEO:
    Vision is critical to business. Having a 5 year plan to accomplish a dream can help to develop daily strategy.

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