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Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume XXVI – Directory Tools

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 270 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Until fairly recently, directories have been an excellent business model for the web. Choose a niche, aggregate some content, and charge for advertising. They were also nice for link developers trying to raise their link popularity, as many had high Page Rank and offered the ability to place your prime keywords in anchor titles. Directories are also a good example of how Google has changed the face of the web. During one of the G updates (perhaps Dominic if I remember correctly), Google’s algorithm was changed and became quite favorable for directories. This caused somewhat of an explosion in the number of directories created, and those trying to manipulate the flaws in the algorithm. In the recent past, Google has pointed a slanted eye towards directories with more of a guilty until proven innocent kind of mentality (funny how SEO’s always seem to personify Google’s thoughts and emotions). Directories have thus fell under the “quality microscope”, and seem to be on their way out if their models are not somewhat changed, or they offer some type of unique value proposition.

This all being said, I still like many directories. When they’re not built for the SOLE purpose of manipulating PR, they can be a very good addition to a site’s backlinks. I don’t think the directory model will ever completely die, but it does have it’s flaws. As a final note, don’t go over board with getting ALL the directories in one sitting. Too high a percentage of directory backlinks may *potentially* disrupt the balance of your link equation. Spread out your submissions over time, and use them as only a portion of your link power.

Directory Quality Control Questions

    Check the:

  • cache date
  • inbound links to the page
  • inbound links to the site
  • age of the site
  • theme of the links to the page
  • other links on the page
  • title of the page
  • site or pages are not in the supplemental index
  • make sure their IP Address is “clean” – DNS Report
  • submission guidelines and quality level of listings
  • make sure they are giving static links that pass link popularity and not just some type of redirect

Directory Tools

Best Directory Discussions

I think there definitely ARE some good directories left that are well worth the cost involved to be listed. Check out our list of top quality directories. Tips to directory owners to not get “Blue Found” (Blue found definition: To go completely over the radar with tactics that will most likely p*ss off the search engines”)

    Don’t have:

  • run of site links for gambling, pills, porn, or other off topic high dollar sponsor
  • 10k empty categories
  • 10k categories with 1 listing
  • 1.7 million BOUGHT backlinks to your site
  • No content
  • Poor editorial control
  • Stuffed title tags
  • ROS SEO links
  • Very little user traffic besides SEO’s
  • No unique value proposition besides selling links for PR

If you don’t want to be kicked, don’t put the kick me sign on your back.

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  • G.

    Again a nice Monday list but help me a bit. What are ROS SEO links, what does the ROS stand for.



  • G.

    I was actually serious with my question although it appears to be deleted. I really would like to know what the ROS stands for in the ROS links.


  • swedish

    ROS = run of site. = every page of site.