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10 Tips for Training a Link Developer

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 256 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Link development has changed. Links pages suck. Your reciprocal link value is defiintely goin’ down hill. You can outsource all day long and gain very little value from it. Roll with the changes, and stay ahead of the curve. Get yourself a qualified link developer and let them negotiate online media like a marketing manager would do with print, radio, or other medias. This is a valuable job. Most SEO’s started as link serfs that realized the value in getting the RIGHT links because of the indirect correlations to search rankings. If you rely on the web for your business, there is no good reason not to have someone in-house working on attaining links for you.

10 Tips to Train a Link Developer

  1. Teach them the value of a linkTLA Guide to text link purchasing
  2. Explain the contradiction of PR mattering
  3. Show them “starting points” like the Google directory, keyword combination tool,
  4. Teach them to mine competitor backlinks with yahoo, link harvester, or other methods.
  5. Train them to skim and search pages for “hot words” like advertising, sponsors, resources, advertisements, etc. to establish if a site is open to, or currently offering advertising – cntrl+f works nicely
  6. Show them how to check if a page is cached or in the supplemental index
  7. Encourage them to be creative and learn link development from the right people and places
  8. Train them on using ontology tools to write anchor text
  9. Show them how to negotiate a link trade or purchase
  10. Let them buy some links to understand the value
  11. Set them up a paypal account to buy links from other places – trial by fire

If you would like help training your link developers. We really enjoy training people, and these prices are going to go up quite a bit in the near future.

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  • Randy Ray

    Hi- It looks like the text link in this article to “using ontology tools” doesn’t go anywhere? I’m intterested in learning more about the subject.

  • Steve

    Your link “using ontology tools” on page is going to a 404

  • Kim Stian Ervik

    A really nice tutorial. Really love your blog, Todd!


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  • Befektetési Tanácsok

    A good ranking position in the Google become more hard and hard. It’s depend on numbers of links in
    the database of Google search engine. Everybody who
    does working on their website marketing since 2000,
    I think now, their page rank is about 7/10. The time
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  • Arnie – Article Marketing

    Many small businesses and website owners do not have the time or resources to even hire a link developer – but this is a good list for SEO/SEM firms. BTW – you have created a great site.

  • Andy

    Great resource, thanks for all the info!

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  • High Speed Data Service

    Good info, I’ll let my link developer know….wait that’s me :-)

  • ronald

    im new here… and i wander what a link developer really do… can someone give me a big hint and maybe a link so i can read that..

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  • MOS SEO Services

    This is great help.Thanks for sharing the link building info.