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Example of a Good Link Request E-mail

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 297 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Despite being unsolicited, good e-mail link requests still *do* exist. Their not easy to do, because any webmaster with sites in the top 1000 for ANYTHING is tired of gettin’ arelis generated garbage requests that go out to everyone elese in the top 1000. Make your e-mails personal and relevant, and use the techniques that you can to get better conversion rates.

This makes it more difficult to write a good request that will have a likelihood for success. Crafting e-mails for successful link request conversion is an art and science like increasing conversions on a website.

I got the first VERY good request for a link that I’ve received in quite a while from someone that I didn’t know. I am going to republish the request with the permission of the author below. I’ve added a bit of insight of exactly what he did right, and a few things he may have done a bit better (or just different) below the mail.

It’s HARD to get good links, but if you do it right it can be done. If you’re gonna fish for lunkers, be sure to sharpen your hooks.

Example of a Good Link Request E-mail

Subject: Re: Your 101 Search Engine Optimization Tips

Dear Webmaster,
I have visited your website and would like to suggest an additional link. Foto Search Stock Photography is appropriate for your “Better Web Design” section on page

Foto Search Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 90 quality stock photography publishers at one site. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, motion stock video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery.

I see that you have listed as a resource. If you would like to take a look at our website please do so and let us know what you think. It may be good to give your users another resource for stock photography.

Following is an html link that I have prepared for your use.
Stock Photography at Foto Search

Feel free to contact me at 262-71*-074* or via email at Thank you.


Anthony (Full Name Given Here)
Foto Search Stock Photography
21155 Watertown Road
W(full city here), WI 531**
Things that could have been done better in the e-mail link request

  • Used my first name to address me.
  • Made the request more ME mail. The recipient doesn’t care much about your site, just get them to check it out. Tell the person your requesting a link to how cool THEIR site is. Like my girlfriend says..”Flattery will get you everywhere.”
  • Give a few other options for linking, or main areas of your site for linking. I might have preferred to send my users to your signup page, or two your computer images page. Try giving a few options, or tell me the highlights of your site (but quickly)
  • Things done right in the e-mail link request

  • Well personalized – I could tell he had read the site
  • Relevant – it actually WAS a resource that could be listed
  • Phone number and full name listed – makes the e-mail MUCH more credible
  • E-mail came from the company e-mail…not an Indian link firm requesting on their behalf – again…more credibility
  • Good subject line – caught my attention through the mounds of e-mail

Be like Anthony. Improve your link request conversions with good relevant targeted requests and not auto-generated crap.

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  • Lee Odden

    Todd, this is really funny as I received a link request from the same site. I added them to a list we maintain of free stock photography sites. It’s the first time I have added an unsolicited link request all year.

  • eurotrash

    It may also help if you mention that you have put a link to their site on your page and the reason and position of the link you added.

    Thats my tuppence – but very late.

  • oil painting SEOer

    Maybe helpful. My native language is not English and I always find it difficulty to write a good mail.

  • SEO Updates

    seems very upfront though

  • sinta maharani

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  • cintariasaputri

    it looks like jual crystal x di yogya needs to learn email marketing of this article.