Blog archives for Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Guest Appearance on SEO Rockstars

Big thanks go out to SEGuru and Oilman for havin’ me on to talk a little bit about pre-sell pages. Hopefully it was a timely topic that was somewhat interesting to the listeners. Shame Jake wasn’t around, but these guys put on some great shows. […]

Why Does Google Lie to SEO’s?

Okay, I *DO* really understand *why* Google feels the need to bold face lie to SEO’s, but this post is more about wondering if it is really beneficial. As SEO’s, we all secretly understand that the big G regards us about as highly as the […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XIII – Community Building Tools

I am constantly discussing with folks the benefits of creating a dialogue in their industry’s online community. The SEO community is generally a great example that I use for relaying this message. There is an overabundance of communities for webmasters, consultants, affiliate marketers, and just […]

Why I Think Seth Godin Doesn’t Like SEO

SEO is often the lazy businessperson’s approach to internet marketing. You don’t REALLY have to measure…just cut a check every month to a good SEO that knows what they’re doing and *VOILA* customers appear magically. Tons more than from the yellow pages, or TV or […]